East Texas OL picking up interest

Jasper, Texas 2014 offensive lineman Terrell Cuney is picking up early interest.

Jasper, Texas 2014 offensive lineman Terrell Cuney is already picking up good interest early in the process.

Cuney hasn't picked up an offer yet but that should change in the coming weeks. The 6-foot-3, 260-pounder isn't letting the new attention stress him out, but admits it's great to be receiving it after all the hard work he's put in.

"I'm getting a lot of attention," he said. "I'm not letting it get to me, some people it stresses them out but I'm just putting it in God's hands. It's good to get all of this attention and it makes you feel good that you're accomplishing something, but I'm not going to let it get to me."

Cuney has seen a steady amount of colleges come by his school in recent weeks. TCU and Texas came by earlier this week and so far the lineman has picked up two junior day invites.

"Texas has come by, TCU and some other colleges have come," he said. "They're talking about junior days. I got invited to the Texas and Texas A&M junior days but not TCU yet."

Cuney credits his ability on the football field to older relatives he used to play with growing up in the east Texas community. Playing with cousins that were four to five years his senior, Cuney said it helped him grow up fast and take punishment much quicker.

"I remember when I was 12 and I was playing with my big cousins who were 16 and we used to go to the field and play and hit each other hard,"Cuney said. "I would come in crying and then after a while I'd go back out there. I knew I was going to be tough then because I would play with bigger guys."

Playing football with kids that were bigger and older than him was likely the biggest reason he's known as a violent player on the field. He says that's by far his best strength which is a good thing if you're playing in the middle of the offensive line.

"Most schools are recruiting me as a center, but I can play anywhere," he said. "I'm violent, everything I do is violent, I don't do anything half-speed, I've got a high motor and once I get you going you're pretty much done."

While the process is still early for Cuney, he says one team does stand out above the others. Of course, he grew up as a fan and it happens that favorite team is currently showing the most interest as well.

"I like Texas, I grew up loving Texas and I played with them on all of the NCAA games and stuff," he said. "People in my town love Texas and are always wearing their hats and shirts. They're always telling me I need to go to Texas. I always did like Texas and they're showing the most interest right now."

As for TCU, Cuney says he had a friend that once wanted to play for the Horned Frogs but beyond that he doesn't know much about the program at the moment.

"I like the school, I don't see anything wrong with it," Cuney said of TCU. "I haven't really looked at it."

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