Tunstill "firmly committed" to Frogs

Lloyd Tunstill recently picked up an offer from Baylor, but the junior college offensive lineman is just listening. As for now, he says he's sticking with the Frogs.

Junior college offensive lineman Lloyd Tunstill says he is "still firmly committed to the Horned Frogs."

Tunstill is a 330 pound offensive lineman from California who committed to the Frogs after his official visit weeks ago.

Much to the chagrin of TCU fans, Tunstill has recently received an offer from Baylor.

"Baylor is a big time program, and they are doing great things," Tunstill said. "But I really can't say much about them I haven't looked too much into it yet."

"I have talked to their coaches and everything. Great staff. They're very unique, but it's so close to time for signing day."

Tunstill maintains that his comfort level with TCU and coach Eddie Williamson is keeping him committed to the Horned Frogs.

"I would say I am very much committed to Texas Christian," Tunstill explained. "That's the program that I am move comfortable with, and I entertain the ideas of other schools. Think about it and talk about it with my parents, but the reality is, as of right now, I am firmly committed."

The 6'3 lineman explained that he is excited that TCU is in a ‘win now' mentality.

"I felt comfortable with Coach Patterson. He is nose to the grind. He is about winning now, and I really do need that because of the fact that I am a JUCO player and don't have as much time."

"They're whole staff is really serious about winning football games, but the thing that really separated them from other schools was that they weren't talking about a bowl game leading up to the championship. They were talking about being in that national championship."

Tunstill says he is still appreciative of schools that reach out to him, but he is firmly committed to the Frogs.

"If you call me, I will listen. That is my thing. I really couldn't tell you what my plans are as far as [seeing] other schools, but right now, I'm a Horned Frog."

Tunstill committed to TCU over Baylor, Auburn, and BYU among others.

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