Coach Patterson Welcomes Newest Horned Frogs ranked TCU's class at #47 in the nation. Will this group of young men bring more glory to the Horned Frogs on the gridiron?

The ink is finally dry on the LOI's for the class of 2013. The Frogs signed 22 players in this class with 11 on both the offense and the defense. TCU Head Coach Gary Patterson met with the media this afternoon in Ft. Worth to discuss the newest members of the TCU football team.

"As always, some new names, some new faces, some paper tigers and we'll see how it all works."

Patterson touched on each recruit as he looked down his list of newly minted Horned Frogs. After close analysis, he feels like this group resembles the 2012 class with their work ethic and academic reputation.

"You start with the Quarterback and three of these young guys have enrolled early and you have to start with Zach Allen" said Patterson. "He's out of Temple and he's already fit into our offseason work and has done a great job."

"Big time competitor and we really needed to add another Quarterback to our roster and having him here is good for us."

While landing a big time QB was important, Patterson knows that the game is won in the trenches in the Big 12. With that in mind, the TCU head coach focused on getting big, strong, nasty offensive linemen to help push the offense to the next level.

"On offense you've got to start up front and we needed to get bigger inside so we went out to a junior college player in Lloyd Tunstill along with Patrick Morris from Guyer, both of those guys are very physical."

"Then we went with Joseph Noteboom and Eason Fromayan which are two tackles that with the two younger guys we have, hopefully we'll be able to redshirt."

Patterson went on to address the offensive backfield where TCU hauled in what many consider to be the best running back tandem pulled in by any of the teams in the Big 12 in 2013.

"Our running backs, I call them thunder and lightning" said Patterson. "You've got the smaller, faster one in Kyle Hicks, a national recruit, and then you have Tre Johnson. Johnson is the bigger back, he's 5'11" 205 and he'll end up being a 220 back."

"These are guys that both took visits to some big time places."

"Those guys with the addition of Aaron Green, and Waymon James because of his knee won't do much, we'll be short there (during spring). With BJ Catalon, really we'll just have three backs that can play so we'll have to be real smart."

Patterson went on to talk about to the depth once the fall rolls around.

"Jordan Moore was also a guy that hurt himself, lower body wise, so we'll end up with six tailbacks in the fall but right now we've only got three."

Patterson described the Frogs' need to get some help at the inside receiver position and he feels the guys they landed have a chance to contribute early.

"Cameron Echols-Luper is also a really good kickoff and punt returner along with Jermaine Antoine from Loreauville and Ty Slanina who was a quarterback at East Bernard."

"All three of those guys have the ability to play the "H" but they're all versatile in the things they can do."

TCU landed two of the top 40 tight ends in the country and Patterson likes what they've found.

"Charlie Reid from All-Saints and then also Bryson Burtnett (Springtown), which is also a snapper; Bryson's a guy that graduated early and has been in our program and already done a fantastic job."

"Charlie's a pass catcher with good hands and good speed. We did what we needed to do because we felt like the tight end position wasn't as big of a position with Stephen Bryant getting hurt and didn't play the whole season."

Of course Coach Patterson's baby is his defense and you can tell that the head coach is excited about the potential of this group.

"One of the primary positions we felt like we had to address was linebacker and the first one is Sammy Douglas from over here in Arlington. Like all of our linebackers that have gone on (to the NFL), they didn't weigh a lot coming out of high school."

"Daryl Washington was 6'3" and 187 pounds now he plays at 240 and David Hawthorne was a guy that was 6'0" 197 and now he plays at 250. So the things we look for are guys that can make plays and that are explosive and Sammy falls into that category."

"Paul Whitmill, which was a running back/linebacker out of Bastrop and then Dac Shaw out of East Texas, in Mineola."

Patterson talked about his 5 defensive back system and how they really focused on getting difference makers at those positions.

"Corner wise, we went with Ranthony Texada and Cydney Calvin and then also Steve Wesley"

"Wesley is a big corner and he can switch out and help us with our nickel package."

Patterson then tipped his hand to where Denzel Johnson would get his first look.

"On the inside, we've got Denzel Johnson. He was a late take for us but he's really a good take. He played quarterback but he'll be a guy that we'll try at safety and along with him, we have George Baltimore."

Patterson knows that the defensive line has to continue its level of play if TCU wants to win the Big 12 and he's happy with the guys they were able to get in this class.

"Mike Tuaua and also Bryson Henderson from over here in Mansfield; both of those guys give us needed players at that position and for us, it's an overall really good class."

After giving a rundown of the class, Patterson answered a few questions. One thing that he point sour every year is that it's the ones you get, not the ones you don't and also how well you develop them.

"I've been watching the recruiting wars all day with guys switching all over the place but it's like I say all the time, they're paper tigers."

"It's not the guys(that you don't get), it's the guys you do and how you develop them and how they turn out."

Now that they're in the Big 12, TCU is a bigger draw for some of the better players in DFW and Coach Patterson talked about what the staff wants to do as they recruit the metroplex going forward.

"We're always going to recruit Texas but what we've got to do is we have to make the high school coaches and kids up here that that's our first priority and then we'll move outward."

"For us to win a national championship, we've got to keep working at keeping kids close to home."

"We're just happy that the guys that wanted to come to TCU, stayed with TCU and that's the kind of guys that at the end of the day, you'll win a lot of ball games with."

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