Sutton On TCU's Radar

Brenham, Texas safety Courtland Sutton is one to follow in the coming months.

Brenham, Texas produces top notch football talent year in and year out. The Cubs have one of the top prospects in the country in Darrion Johnson, who could play corner, safety or runningback at the next level. Offensive tackle Austin Schlottmann is another player receiving strong interest early on.

While Johnson and Schlottmann headline the group of 2014 players, one player to keep a close eye on is safety/receiver Courtland Sutton.

At 6-foot-3, 200-pounds, Sutton is receiving interest on both sides of the ball. In fact, he's already received two offers and more could be on the way very soon.

"Colorado has offered me and Rice University has offered me," Sutton said. "UTSA is showing strong interest. They've talked about how interested they are in me and giving me a chance, but they haven't come out and said they were offering, but I think it could be leading to one.

"Colorado is looking at me as a safety and Rice said safety or receiver. I talked to a UTSA coach and he said he would love for me to play receiver and the other coach said he'd like me to play safety. Whichever one they need me to do, it really doesn't matter to me, I love playing both positions."

Despite being discouraged early on with the lack of interest coming in from programs, Sutton is beyond excited when discussing his recruitment nowadays. He's working harder to gain even more interest.

"Whenever Coach West called me in and gave me the information, I was kind of speechless," he said. "I was getting discouraged because after the season had ended I wasn't hearing from coaches or teams and people were asking me if I was getting looks and I said no. So, I was getting discouraged. When he told me, I was overjoyed and excited. I still have another year to prove myself to other teams, so it made me really excited for the next season coming up."

Another program that has inquired about Sutton is TCU. Offensive line coach Eddie Williamson and head coach Gary Patterson visited Brenham several weeks ago to check out the Brenham trio. According to Sutton, he caught the eye of the Frogs' coaches.

"When they first came to a basketball practice, my coach said they were really surprised and they really liked my athletic ability," he said. "The second time when Coach Patterson came down, they told him about me coming up to summer camps and that they'll be keeping in touch with me. Hopefully they'll keep giving me some good looks."

Sutton has been invited to attend a TCU spring practice along with Johnson and Schlottmann. He doesn't know much about the program at the moment, but he's heard plenty of great things about it.

"I actually don't know much about TCU but I know Trenton Thomas goes there," he said. "It seems like a very, very nice university and there are a lot of my teammates who would like to go to that college and say that it's nice. The ones that have seen it all say that it's really nice so everything I'm hearing, it sounds like a really nice college."

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