Sizelove has a top 4

The Horned Frogs are in pursuit of the talented Argyle defender but they'll have stiff competition should they decide to offer.

Argyle's Sam Sizelove made another visit to TCU yesterday to take in a Horned Frog spring practice. The 6'3" 230 pound middle linebacker prospect showed just how strong his interest is in TCU by making his second visit in about a week to Ft. Worth. So, did he see what he wanted to see at the practice?

"It was pretty intense the whole practice" said Sizelove. "Coach Patterson kept the defense upbeat the whole time and Coach Cross was doing a really good job of coaching and I really enjoyed it."

Sizelove went on to discuss what TCU seemed to focus on the most during his time on the sideline.

"The focused a ton of the practice on just defense and I liked that a lot."

With Coach Cross taking over as the linebackers coach this year, Sizelove says he's impressed with the coaches resume' and thinks he could help him develop as a player.

"I really like Coach Cross and I think he could utilize my abilities as an inside linebacker the best" he said. "He's been an NFL coach, he's been around and he's still pretty young so I feel like I could connect with him."

"At the same time, he's a really good coach and I really like what he has going on."

With 7 offers on the table, a group of schools have started to distance themselves from the rest as the big defender has started to narrow down his list. With offers from Kansas State, Iowa State, Houston, North Texas, Texas Tech and Washington State on the table, Sizelove has identified the schools that fit him the best at this point and time.

"I'm looking to commit sometime this summer" he said. "As far as the schools I like the most, TCU is in the top 2 or 3 right now for sure."

"Kansas State is one of my favorite schools but they're so far away and it's hard for me to get up there but I want to get up there as many times as I can before I make a decision" he said. "The distance bothers me but it's more important if I fit in than the distance."

Sizelove went on to say he likes 3 or 4 schools a lot but has to determine which one fits his needs the best.

"If I don't fit in as well at TCU as I do at K-State then it won't matter about the distance" he said. "I just want to be able to enjoy my 4 or 5 years of college football."

"Along with TCU and Kansas State, Baylor and Iowa State are up there."

With TCU having already established a good rapport with the Argyle football program through the recruitment of David Johnson and Austin Aune, Sizelove says he likes the connection the Frogs have with his home town.

"I actually got to talk to David for about 40 minutes" he said. "My favorite part of it is just knowing that if I ask him a question he's going to give me his honest opinion."

"I can ask him whatever I want and feel comfortable that he'll give me good advice and that's what I like the most about having a former Argyle football player at TCU."

Will TCU come forward with an offer this spring? Stay logged on to to find out.

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