Swain Enjoys TCU Visit

Lee's Summit (MO) linebacker Jimmie Swain hadn't heard from TCU a few weeks ago. Now the 6-3, 212-pounder has an offer and recently visited the Ft. Worth campus to get an up close look at the Frogs' program.

Lee's Summit (MO) linebacker Jimmie Swain admittedly didn't know much about TCU a few weeks ago. However, he knew that the Frogs' boasted one of the top defenses in the country under one of the best defensive minds; Gary Patterson. It was for that reason the Frogs' sat among his top ten list without ever hearing from them.

It's funny how things work out.

Just a day after informing HornedFrogBlitz.com that he hadn't heard from TCU, Swain was extended an offer from the Frogs. From that point he set up plans for a visit, which he took this past Saturday to watch a practice and attend the Frogs' junior day.

"It was a good time, I really enjoyed myself," he said of his visit. "I liked the practice; they really got after it really hard. I didn't know they were such a defensive emphasized school and it was really great to see how big of a deal it is. They get after it pretty hard.

"I spent most of the practice just hanging out by the linebackers and just observing them. I know Coach (DeMontie) Cross just got there recently but it looks like he's doing very well with the linebackers and getting them ready to have a good season down there."

Among the things Swain quickly noticed at the practice was Patterson's intensity. While some might be caught off-guard with the head coach's passion, Swain was impressed with what he saw.

"You could feel the passion. He was all over the place getting on guys and just being a coach, it was really cool to see," Swain said of Patterson. "They kept asking me if I was scared, I said it just looked like good coaching to me."

Swain also spent some time with Coach Cross learning the nuances behind the 4-2-5 defense and what is expected from the linebackers.

"I actually learned a lot about the 4-2-5 defense, I didn't know people ran that honestly and the way they run it, it works," Swain said. "They've had success with it in the past and I think the way they use their linebackers is great. It seems the way they run it works very well, it's a very good defense if you run it correctly."

After watching the two-hour practice, Swain had the opportunity to take a campus tour.

"It was really pretty, I thought all of the facilities were nice," he said of TCU. "We got to see all of the buildings and in my opinion it was a very nice campus. Next time I go up there I'd like to have a meeting with the head of the business school because that's what I'm going to be majoring in."

Before Swain left campus he had the chance to sit down one-on-one with Patterson. Swain said the visit went well with the coach and he understands where he sits with the Frogs.

"I talked to him for about twenty minutes and we had a good conversation about what he is expecting out of his players as a coach and what his goals are, and what he's already achieved as a coach at Texas Christian University," Swain said of his conversation with Patterson.

With mentioning TCU among his top ten before seeing the program or even hearing from a staff member for that matter, the Frogs were sitting pretty for Swain's services. Now that he's seen everything up close and continues to develop a relationship with the staff, Swain says the Frogs are without a doubt among his favorites.

"It really solidified their spot in the top schools that I'm interested in," Swain said of TCU. "I'd actually rank them in my top five now after seeing where they're going as a defense and my opportunities if I chose to go there. Seeing how serious their defense is down there is a big deal to me obviously because I'm a defensive player. Getting to see that and how hard the defense gets after it and the overall philosophy down there, it just agreed with me and how I want to play in college. It helped move them up my list. They're in my top five, definitely."

Swain will visit Nebraska on April 6th and attend a Nike Camp on May 5th. He's discussed the possibility of visiting TCU again this summer, but if the opportunity doesn't present itself, he'll likely make an official visit during the season.

"When my official visits come around I'll consider going down there and that will give me a good idea of how the academics and everything goes so I can make an informed decision on where I want to go," Swain finished.

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