Barrett Recaps TCU Visit

With 16 offers to choose from, and more expected to come, Tyus Barrett has the luxury of taking his time to make the right choice. Will TCU be in the mix?

The TCU Horned Frogs hosted one of the nation's best offensive linemen last week when Dallas Skyline tackle, Tyus Barrett, toured the campus. The 6'4" 305 pound Barrett is being pursued by every major program in the region and he liked what he saw in Ft. Worth on Friday.

"It was nice, it's a very, very nice campus" said Barrett. "It was my first time to visit there and to be over there in Ft. Worth so it was new to me, but it was really nice."

"I really like that it was small and easy to find where I wanted to go" he said. "I wouldn't have to worry about getting lost or anything, I really liked how everything is close together." While touring the facilities, Barrett was surprised by what he saw. Even though he lives less than an hour away in Dallas, he had no idea that TCU had built such nice facilities and poured so much money into their program.

"Oh man, they were the nicest facilities" he said. "Everything was nice and Coach Perry, who used to be a coach at one of my rival schools, he just made me feel at home."

"After the scrimmage, he took us around to the weight room and showed me all the high tech stuff that they have" said Barrett. "They've got this high tech machine that you don't even have to stretch and it gets your blood flowing through your body and it makes you feel loose; I got to get on there and it was the craziest thing I've ever seen."

When asked about his thoughts on the scrimmage, Barrett said he could see why the Frogs were such a solid team and noticed the intensity with which the players practiced with.

"The scrimmage was great, they really got after it" said Barrett. "The do like my high school does; if they have a scrimmage, they get after it. It's not no watered down scrimmage, it was really good."

With his eye on his potential position coach, should he choose TCU, Barrett was impressed with the way the offensive line played but was especially impressed by Coach Eddie Williamson.

"I watched them closely and they got after it" he said. "I like the way they are coached by Coach Williamson. He's one of the most experienced coaches in the country and he really has them doing a great job."

With 16 offers on the table, Barrett is figuring out what it's like to be a highly recruited player. Between visiting schools, building relationships with coaches and doing interviews, he is seeing firsthand what the demands of a big time athlete are.

"It's a lot to deal with but I can't complain" said the Skyline star. "I like how the process has gone so far."

Now that Barrett has seen TCU in person, where do the Frogs stand with the 23rd ranked offensive tackle in the country?

"I don't have a list yet or anything, but if I did, TCU would definitely be up there" said Barrett. "Everything was top of the line, the facilities, everything. The football stadium was huge, I didn't know it was that big, and when they put the 3rd deck on the visitor's side, it will be even bigger."

"The most impressive thing to me though is they're number 1 in graduation rates" he said. "In 2011, they had 100% graduate and that really stood out to me."

So how would he rank his visit overall?

"On a scale from 1-10, I would give it a 9 and a half."

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