Sawyer Closer To A Decision

Ft. Worth (TX) All Saints quarterback Foster Sawyer is ready to get the recruiting process over with.

For Ft. Worth (TX) All Saints quarterback Foster Sawyer, last Saturday's competition at the Dallas Elite 11 in Valley Ranch is just what he needed. It gave him the chance to step back, even for just a day, from the hectic worries of making a decision on where he'll spend the next four to five years of his life.

For someone that has seen his recruitment skyrocket in recent weeks with interest from programs nationwide, it didn't appear Sawyer was too stressful just based on his impressive performance.

The nation's No. 22 quarterback prospect was one of the top performers of the day in a field that was loaded from top to bottom. The camp featured nine of the top forty quarterbacks in the nation and for Sawyer, he faced the competition head on.

Sawyer said it was a good stress release to be able to get out and throw the football and not worry about anything else. Even if it was just for three hours.

"I think I did pretty good, but I think I could've done better as well," Sawyer said. "It was great to just compete out there and see all of the other quarterbacks that I went up against. It was a good getaway from all the things going on right now with my decision and what not. It was good to be on the field."

Sawyer's decision could be coming very soon. He definitely wants to have a decision made before his senior year so he can focus on helping the Saints repeat as SPC champions. TCU, Oklahoma State and Alabama are the frontrunners at the moment and Oklahoma could be sneaking in as well. The Sooners haven't offered Sawyer yet but could be very close.

Regardless if Oklahoma offers, he still has good options to choose from and he's evaluating each school closely.

"I just came back from OU, that was my last trip and I saw Coach Huepel and Coach Stoops," he said. "I went to OSU and that was a phenomenal trip and Coach Beck (his high school coach) told me to stop by (OU) on the way home and I ended up liking it a lot as well. I just have to write down the pros and cons for each school, pray about it and talk to my family and coach and take it from there. I know I need to make a decision pretty soon and take it to the next level."

TCU is one program that Sawyer has grown very familiar with during the process. Many who follow his recruitment know the story; he has a brother that currently attends TCU, another brother who recently graduated from TCU, his mother also attended TCU and Sawyer has been to more TCU games the last two years than virtually any other 2014 prospect the Frogs are recruiting.

But, is there an obstacle?

Sawyer is ready to end the recruiting process
The Frogs have already received a commitment from Grayson Muehlstein, who is also regarded as one of the top quarterbacks in the country. While it may matter to some recruits, Sawyer wants it known that he's evaluating each school for more than just football and says the fact that the Frogs already have a quarterback commitment will not affect his decision when it comes to TCU.

"It doesn't bother me to be honest; I'm not that kind of guy," Sawyer said. "Competition is something that I thrive on not only with football, but with everything, so that will help me out in life. Student life and academics are the things that come first because football is not going to be around my whole life. I see my brother's side on the student life and they have small classrooms which is something I really like because that's how I learn better. I'm literally taking every angle."

Sawyer visited TCU a few weeks ago with a few teammates and once again he walked away impressed with what he saw.

"I loved it, loved the intensity and the way it was run," Sawyer said of TCU's practice. "The way Coach Burns works with the quarterbacks during practice is something that I look at."

With the Horned Frogs, Cowboys, Crimson Tide and Sooners (once they offer) all in contention, Sawyer isn't ready to name a favorite. His facial expression when asked if he had a leader among the four only confirms that. He just wants to find the right fit.

"To be honest I just have my top three or four," he said. "They're all great schools and it just comes down to which one fits me better."

Aside from the fact that he's faced with the toughest decision of his young life, Sawyer, like a true leader, is always ready to give praise to his teammates or joke around if he's giving up baseball full time. Truthfully, one would have a hard time gauging the heavy weight on his shoulders, but rest assured he's ready to remove it and look forward to more important things, like winning another championship.

"I am ready to get this process over but then again I'm not going to rush it because I'm not thinking of just right now, it's for my next four or five years," he said. "It's a big decision and we'll see how it goes. I'm pretty ready, I'm a low-key guy and I don't like a lot of attention and all of that stuff. But, it's a true blessing from God. But, I'm ready to get it (recruiting process) over with."

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