TCU Offers 2015 Lineman

The TCU Horned Frogs have reached out to Tallahassee Godby lineman, Brendan Loftus. The 6'6" 285 pound prospect was excited to receive his first offer and says he wants to visit Ft. Worth to see TCU in person.

Although Brendan Loftus doesn't graduate high school until 2015, the offensive tackle prospect from Tallahassee, Fl. is getting an early taste of the recruiting process. The TCU Horned Frogs saw enough in Loftus to extend an early offer and the big tackle spoke with about the early attention.

"I'm liking it a lot" said the 6'6" prospect. "It's a lot fun getting the love on twitter and getting mail and stuff like that, I'm enjoying it."

Even though Loftus lives right in the heart of Florida State country, it was TCU that offered him first. With the TCU offer in hand, what other schools are showing Loftus the love?

"I'm hearing a lot from Florida State, Iowa State, Ole Miss, South Carolina, UCLA and other schools like that" he said. "They're all looking at me as a tackle."

When you live in the heart of Seminole country, it has to be hard to look outside of the bubble you're in and look at other colleges objectively. Loftus says it won't be a problem for him. While he does like Florida State, other schools have a chance. He went on to describe the day TCU offered.

"I was in P.E. class and my coach came and got me and told me that Coach Luper wanted to talk to me" he said. "I was on the phone with Coach Luper and he was telling me about TCU and he told me that I have an offer from TCU."

"I had only talked to them once before about two or three weeks ago."

With that phone call, Loftus became a legitimate D-1 prospect, so how did it make him feel?

"I was really excited and I didn't even know what to say" said Loftus. "At first I was trying to figure out if I should text my mom or not, I don't know, it was just crazy and I didn't know how to react."

Now that the Frogs are on his radar, is a visit to Ft. Worth in the foreseeable future?

"I don't know, maybe no this summer because I still have a couple more years of high school left but hopefully I'll eventually be able to go visit there."

Loftus insists that he's open to out of state schools as much as he is to in state schools but says a few other programs really have his attention right now.

"I really like Florida State because I'm from here in Tallahassee" he said. "I also Like Auburn, Florida and Ole Miss but TCU is up there with them."

"I've been watching a lot of online videos about TCU and it looks like they have a really nice campus so I'm definitely interested in them."

Signing day 2015 is a long way away and anything can happen between now and then. The good news is, TCU got in on Loftus early and they've already started building a relationship with the young tackle. Will he make it to TCU for a visit this summer? Stay logged on to to find out.

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