"It Just Felt Like Home"

Dallas Skyline's Ty Barrett now holds over 20 offers. The 6'4" 305 pound offensive lineman was in Ft. Worth Sunday to visit TCU and from the sound of things, the Horned Frogs made quite an impression.

There seems to be a recurring theme in Ft. Worth these days after a big time visitor has left campus following his visit. Ask Ty Barrett what stood out to him on his visit to TCU today, and right away the talented offensive lineman highlights the family atmosphere at TCU as so many before him have also done.

"It was truly great today" said Barrett. "It was a very family oriented vibe up there today and TCU is really everything you want in a University."

"It meant a lot to me how TCU really took the time out to spend time with me and my mom because it was my mom's first time to visit" he said. "I had been there before with my father but it was important that my mom got to see it for herself; you have to win my mom over and she really loved it up there today, it was great."

With over 20 offers to choose from, Barrett is looking for the little things that separate the different schools from one another. If you listened to what he had to say about today's visit, the Frogs certainly made quite an impression this afternoon.

"My mom loved it there and she loved how family oriented it was" said Barrett. "Coach Patterson and his wife were there and she got to meet the other coach's wives and they looked at pictures of the coach's families and she just really hit it off with the coaches well"

"One thing that really stood out to her was the graduation rates and with TCU, she knows that I would be getting a great education there."

Up and down the list, the TCU coaching staff has impressed Barrett in one way or another. On Sunday, his admiration for Coach Eddie Williamson reached new levels when he witnessed first hand just how important he was to the TCU o-line coach.

"Man, the offensive line coach, Coach Williamson was in Ohio last night" he said. "When he found out that I was coming, he took a jet all the way back to Dallas-Ft. Worth just to come see me; I really took that and looked at it and it made me realize where I stand with them. That was really a big thing to me."

Continuing with the family theme, Barrett went on to describe in more depth just how comfortable he feels at TCU.

"It just felt like home when I was there" said Barrett. "I mean, it's still in the metroplex but it's not like it's too close to home and it's just so close knit; everything is right there."

"My mom fell in love with it and it was just a great visit overall."

With TCU looking to challenge for a conference title in 2013, offensive line remains one of the biggest question marks for the talent laden Frog's roster. Listening to Barrett, it's clear that TCU has pitched him the idea of being a part of an incoming o-line class that could push the team over the hump and into the promised land.

"I'm good friends with Connor Mayes and we've talked about playing together" said Barrett. "TCU has talked about us coming in there together and I know that Connor's whole family went to TCU so he's told me all about it."

"I don't know where we'll be playing right now but it would be really nice to play together and TCU is definitely in the final group of schools for me; it's just a matter of who the other teams will be at this point."

In recruiting, it's all about where the recruit feels the most comfortable. With Barrett, TCU is practically like family for the Dallas big man and he's made friendships that will last forever regardless of which school he chooses.

"I've been talking to Cam Luper (TCU 2013 signee)and he's really transformed into one of my big brothers and he's just telling me it's about me right now and I have to do what's best for me" said Barrett. "I'm one of the most unselfish kids out there and I'm always trying to please everybody else but Coach Luper told me that I have to be about me right now and make the decision that makes me the happiest."

"Another thing that really caught my attention was Coach Perry" he said. "The thing I remember the most is, when TCU first started recruiting me, Coach Perry told me wherever I go, he's going to support me and stay in touch with me because I'm one of his guys; I really took that into consideration because no other coach has ever told me that and that meant a lot to me."

With more and more teams throwing their hat into the ring every week, Barrett says he knows he'll have to start narrowing down his list pretty soon. For TCU fans, the good news is, the Frogs are one of Barrett's unquestioned leaders.

"I'll be narrowing it down soon but no matter what, TCU is locked in as one of my favorites" he said. "I just know that it's a big decision and I can't rush into it or narrow it down until I'm truly ready."

I certainly sounds like the Frogs are in good shape but they will have to battle to the end to secure Barrett's commitment. Stay logged on to HornedFrogBlitz.com for the latest as we move into the crucial summer months.

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