100% Solid to TCU

Zaycoven Henderson has been committed to TCU for more than three months but that hasn't kept some elite programs from trying to sway the defensive juggernaut. With a new offer and a ton of new interest, Henderson says thanks, but he's a Horned Frog.

When Zaycoven Henderson committed to TCU back in February, TCU fans cheered. When news broke a couple of days ago that the big fella might be having second thoughts, those same fans wondered aloud if TCU was about to lose a cornerstone prospect for the 2014 class. Well, have no fear Frog fans, he's not going anywhere.

"My relationship with TCU is great" said Henderson. "Me and my parents, we're not going anywhere."

"I might go out and visit other places but nothing is changing my mind and I mean nobody" he said. "I'm committed to TCU and I'll stay committed to TCU, that's something the fans shouldn't worry about."

With offers on the table from TCU, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Ole Miss, and a new offer from Arkansas, Henderson has other options. The thing is, TCU feels like home to the big man and he's already recruiting others to come play with him in Ft. Worth.

"I'm one of the top recruiters because people might want to come play with me" he said. "I'm talking to guys to get them to come play in this defense with me, defensive linemen and linebackers, they might want to come play with me."

"Offensive linemen might want to come play against me in practice everyday" said the Longview stand out. "Not to be cocky, but I think I'm the best and people want to play with the best so there's no other way to be right?"

As far as who he's trying to get to Ft. Worth, Henderson says it's only the best of the best.

"I've been trying to get Solomon Thomas to come play with me, Daylon Mack to come play with me, the big time guys" said Henderson. "I'm going after guys that can play at the next level, not just anybody, but guys like Stephan Maxey. He's thinking about committing and I know what he brings to the table."

As dominant of a player as Henderson was in 2012, he says he wants to work on a few things to make him into the best player he can be. And he's already focused on the 2013 season.

"I want to work on my pad level because guys in high school are short and they've got low centers of gravity" he said. "As I get to college, guys will be taller than me and it won't be as hard for me to get low because everybody says I'm undersized."

"I'm not undersized though, I don't see it" said the future TCU lineman. "I've grown about an inch and a half and gained 18 pounds and now I'm 6'3" 287. I'm going to be pretty good."

Never lacking in confidence, the Longview star had a final message for TCU fans.

"I'm looking forward to playing in TCU's defense" he said. "My family and friends are looking forward to me playing so why would I let my family down? They're the most important thing to me."

Now that he's set the record straight, he can go back to recruiting defensive monsters to man the trenches with him in the Horned Frogs' vaunted 4-2-5.

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