TCU Still An Option For Knox?

Demetrius Knox re-opened his recruitment in April and recently he heard from a familiar program; TCU.

Since last summer, Ft. Worth All Saints offensive lineman Demetrius Knox has been on TCU's radar. However, in late November the 6-foot-4, 305-pounder committed to play for Texas and TCU started to target other linemen. Knox's commitment to the Longhorns although was short lived as he decided to open the process back up in April.

Since his decommitment, several teams have been rumored to be the new frontrunners for the four-star; Ohio State, Alabama, UCLA, Miami are just a few programs being mentioned.

With his recruitment wide open, it would seem logical that TCU would once again enter the hunt for Knox. They did just that over the spring evaluation as they visited his school and reached out to him recently as last week.

Knox said he wasn't caught completely off-guard by TCU's renewed interest, saying that head coach Gary Patterson and his recruiter Jarrett Anderson would touch base with him periodically when allowed.

"They told me they were still to be looking at me pretty hard and that they still want me to be part of the team," he said. "My mom, she really wants me to go to school close to home. That's another factor on why I'm looking at them quite a bit."

Knox has maintained throughout the process that his mom's input will play a factor. But, distance from home is a non-factor according to the nation's No. 6 guard prospect.

"It's important to me that my mom is happy about the school I go to, but to me distance isn't a factor at all," he said. "She would like me to stay close though."

TCU already has a strong commitment from Knox's teammate, quarterback Foster Sawyer. Knox quickly admits that he's already getting a recruiting pitch from the signal caller.

"Recently yes," a laughing Knox said. "But, that's part of his job since he's committed to them. Your job is to do everything you can to make that team better and I should be thankful that he's trying to get me on board also."

The Frogs obviously have an interest and the only question now is whether or not the interest is mutual. It appears all signs point to yes.

"I'm looking at them, nobody is at the top of my list or anything," Knox said of TCU. "They're there for me right now and I'll give them a real hard look. I have connections here that are close with my family and friends. I will be close to Coach Beck and I'd be playing football with Foster; that's really something you have to consider. They're a great university and I want to sit back and see how everybody does this year."

Knox and his good friend and teammate Daniel Gresham were in Miami on Monday for an unofficial visit to see the Hurricanes' program.

"It's nice down here, but kind of humid," he said. "It's a lot to take in, but overall it was a good visit. I'm just down here checking everything out."

The next school Knox plans to see is UCLA. He also plans to make visits to Florida State, Alabama and Oregon. UCLA is the team that appears to be on the rise thanks in large part to Adrian Klemm, Knox's recruiter.

"I really like them, Coach Klemm is my favorite o-line coach," he said of UCLA.

With TCU just minutes down the road, Knox plans to make a few trips to campus this summer to visit with the coaches.

"Oh yeah, I'll be up there a couple of times," he said. "I'll be up there with Foster, Coach Beck and my mom just to check things out."

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