Tough Decision For Allen

At one point, it looked like Dakota Allen was close to pulling the trigger in TCU's favor. Now the Houston area star struggles to make his decision as Texas Tech has made an impression and an OU visit still looms on the horizon.

Dakota Allen is a wanted man these days. The 6'2" 227 pound linebacker thought he knew where he wanted to go then a visit to Texas Tech made him rethink some things. With an OU visit coming up in a couple of weeks, Allen explained to just how difficult the decision is going to be.

"Prior to going to Texas Tech, I had my mind set about TCU" he said. "I really liked TCU and I thought that's where I was going to go but after going to Texas Tech, it's kind of even now."

With offers from key Big 12 rivals Kansas State, OU and Texas Tech, the Frogs will have a fight on their hands if they want to secure Allen's pledge.

"I really like TCU but I have no idea what I'm going to do" said Allen. "I'm just going to pray about it and wherever I feel that fits me, that's where I'll go."

With linebacker being such a need position for TCU, it's understandable that Frog fans were excited about the thought of Allen joining the fold for Coach Patterson's suffocating defense. Now, they have to be a little uneasy as the next few weeks unfold.

"I'm going to visit OU in a couple of weeks" said the talented defender. "I want to have a final decision by the end of the summer, maybe around August 15th or the 16th, before school starts."

While it was mentioned in Lubbock that Tech had taken the lead for Allen's services, the big guy himself wanted to clear the air on any misconceptions.

"I don't know where that's coming from that I said Tech is on top" he said. "I said Tech and TCU are my top two, so maybe somebody misunderstood but I never said that."

Make no mistake, the Red Raiders and Sooners are both a huge threat here for TCU and Allen went into detail describing what it was about Tech that has him so excited.

"All of Tech's coaches are young and new and they're bringing that excitement" he said. "They're real pumped up and it seems like something that I would like to join and be a part of."

Another factor when recruiting players to Tech is the stigma of playing in Lubbock but Allen says he was pleasantly surprised by what he saw.

"It's not what I expected, you know, I was expecting tumble weeds and flat land" said Allen. "I mean, that's out there but not once you get into Lubbock more."

"Lubbock is a great college town and it seems like there would be a lot to do out there."

While no decision has been made yet, the writing is on the wall for TCU and OU. The Frogs and the Sooners better sell Allen on their respective schools before it's too late because Texas Tech just made a statement.

Will Allen join the defensive minded Patterson in Fort Worth or will the young staff in Lubbock sway the big man? We're just a few weeks away from finding the answer to this question so stay logged on to for the latest.

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