Hines III Attracting Major Attention

2017 linebacker Anthony Hines III is already drawing the attention of some major programs.

Anthony Hines III isn't old enough to drive yet, but spend a few minutes with him and you'll quickly realize he's mature beyond his years; both mentally and physically.

At 6-foot-1, 201-pounds with 4.65 speed, Hines isn't your typical 14-year old.

Hines will be a ninth grader this season at Episcopal School of Dallas and as we've started to see recently in recruiting, age is having less of a bearing on prospects receiving offers. Although he's just a 2017 prospect and has yet to see varsity action, Hines already holds three offers; Mississippi State, Akron and Montana. He's already spent one-on-one time with LSU head coach Les Miles and received letters from programs nationwide.

It's no wonder his head coach, Clayton Sanders, smiles from ear to ear when discussing the potential for Hines.

Much of the attention Hines has already received has to be credited to his performance on the USA Youth-16 National Team when he was just 13.

For Hines, it's like he's living a dream knowing that he already has his college paid for before ever setting foot on the varsity level. In his words, it's just "crazy".

"It's amazing because I really didn't expect when I was in the 7th grade that a year later I would have three offers before I even step on a varsity field," Hines III said. "It's just crazy, I know a lot of people older than me that have offers and now I'm joining them, they never thought I would be right along the side of them as a freshman."

"It brought tears to my dad's eyes when I got my first offer from Mississippi State; they're just so proud of me and now they push me even harder now that I have three offers. I want to continue to get more (offers)."

Needless to say, the Mississippi State offer set off a wave of reaction from recruiting fans and more importantly college coaches, who wanted to know more about Hines.

"Immediately after my Mississippi State offer Ole Miss viewed my NCSA profile 22 times," he said. "My dad got in contact with them. LSU is also very interested in me."

Hines already speaks like a pro when discussing the schools recruiting him, pointing out the positive for each program. Along with the schools that have offered him, Hines has a big-time interest in out of state programs USC and LSU (which he visited again on Monday) and in-state programs such as TCU, SMU, Baylor and Texas A&M.

As for TCU, despite their reluctance to talk to him much until after his freshman year, which Hines respects, the Frogs still sit among his favorite schools.

"Right now I know they're awesome in academics," Hines said of TCU. "Right now their coaches really don't know if they want to get in contact with me until after my freshman year."

Academics will be a big factor for Hines when he makes his decision. But ultimately, he just wants a place he feels comfortable.

"Well, it's really just where I'm comfortable at, which school fits me is where I'll ultimately be," he said. "Montana is a small school but if I'm comfortable there, I'll go there; whatever fits me."

Hines isn't naming any favorites at the moment and why should he when he still has four years to enjoy the recruiting process. It still hasn't even hit him that he's being heavily recruited; he hasn't felt the pressure of making a decision or the countless calls from media. He knows it awaits him though. Until then he'll take everything in stride and use the attention he receives as motivation to keep working hard.

"I don't really think my first offer has really hit me yet, it's still kind of surreal," Hines said. "It hasn't hit me yet, but if it does I'll use it more as a drive to work harder. I don't think it will really come on as pressure."

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