Allen Has One Visit to Go Before Decision

TCU is one of 4 teams battling for Allen's signature. TCU, OU, Kansas State and Texas Tech all have a shot. Allen chimed in with the latest news last night.

The TCU Horned Frogs are one of four teams that are patiently waiting for Dakota Allen to make his decision. The 6'1" 227 pound linebacker currently holds 11 offers but will decide between TCU, OU, Kansas State and Texas Tech on August 16th. caught up with Allen to get his thoughts before he heads off to Manhattan, Kansas for his final visit.

"Right now, with one visit left to K-State, it's probably still a stale-mate" said Allen. "There are some ultimate factors about all the schools, I mean there are pros and cons about each one of them but as of right now, I'm leaning towards TCU, Texas Tech and OU."

While that doesn't mean Kansas State is out of it, Allen just doesn't feel like he can add them to that top 3 list without having visited yet.

So will his decision be made on August the 16th for sure or does he foresee a situation where he pushes back his decision if he's not ready?

"Oh, I'll be ready on August the 16th" he said. "The thing is, I don't want to let it be known who I'm going to pick, I want it to be a surprise."

While Allen has played things relatively close to the vest throughout the process, his decision is beginning to weigh on him and he's ready to get it over with.

"For me, it's not all about football" said Allen. "There's some schools that brag about how they have more national championships, blah, blah, blah and all this football stuff, but the truth of the matter is football is only played 4-5 months out of the year."

"I want to go somewhere where I feel like I can be there outside of football. It has to be a situation where if I was just going there for academics, would I like it?"

Allen went on in to say he wants his new home to feel like home.

"It's the ultimate feeling about a place where I feel like it suits me for the next four to five years because that's how long I'm going to be there."

With his focus on studying law once he gets to college, Allen says all of the schools he's considering have good law schools but one school stands out because of what it provides for the student.

"They all have pretty good law programs but of course TCU, being a private university, that degree will hold more value than the rest." Will Allen be the next commit to pull the trigger for the Frogs? Stay logged on to find out.

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