TCU in the lead for Carter

Dallas Pinkston defensive end Trey Carter has TCU on top.

Trey Carter isn't a name known heavily throughout recruiting circles, but fans should quickly become more familiar with this rising sleeper.

Carter, originally from Shreveport, will be playing his first season at Dallas Pinkston in 2013. As a junior, Carter recorded 46 tackles and 5 sacks for Green Oaks High School in Shreveport.

The 6-foot-4, 250-pounder is getting comfortable with his new surroundings at Pinkston and looking forward to what the season has in store. He and his teammates have already formed a bond and will get their first test in a scrimmage this Friday.

"It's my first year here. It's great, I get to work with people that are trying to help me fight for what I'm going for which is a scholarship," he said. "It's been good, I get to work with my defensive linemen and I show them some new technique and they show me new techniques. We have a big bond. My coaches have shown me some stuff that I can use for this season. This is my last year and I want to finish off strong."

Carter already has a good start at finishing strong, just ask a few people who have seen him up close. The TCU coaching staff got their chance last month when Carter made his way to the Ft. Worth campus for the Frogs' lineman camp. Carter was very impressed with his experience at the camp and was caught off guard by something he saw in particular. It was a pleasant surprise that he says helped motivate him throughout the camp.

"It was awesome, from when I first walked in until the end of the camp," he said of TCU's camp. "When I first got there I saw the coaching staff and I was surprised that Coach Patterson was up there with the campers. You don't get that too often; when you go to other camps there's no head coach around. When I came there I was like ‘wow, he's really out here'. It made me motivate myself because I was like this is the person I need to show off to and this is the person that I've got to please. It was awesome, I really enjoyed myself. From that point on, that's what put them at the top of the list is when Coach Patterson was out there with the campers."

It didn't take long for Carter to draw Patterson's attention either; especially after he displayed his quickness off the edge in various drills. It was during one particular drill that he knew he had impressed Patterson and the rest of the TCU coaches.

"When I was doing the drill when they drop the ball the campers were doing all the same and he (Patterson) told the coaches to drop the ball from a college level," Carter said. "When I did it, he told me to go again and again and I got it. I was thinking he really believed in me and I knew I got his attention."

Carter made enough of an impression that day that he received an invite to Patterson's office following the camp. And just a few days later, he received the news that he had officially been offered by the Horned Frogs.

"I went into Coach Patterson's office and about two days later I got an offer," he said. "That made my day right there. They're at the top of my list and the reason is because of Coach Patterson."

In addition to his offer from TCU, Carter also holds offers from Illinois and Southern Miss. Although TCU sits atop his list of favorites, he's not ready to make a decision just yet.

Wherever he decides to play, academics above football prestige will be his top factor when looking at different programs.

"I will be making my decision at the end of the season," he said. "I'm looking for a good academic program because if the NFL doesn't come my way I can have a good academic program to fall back on. I want a school that can give me a good education, somewhere I can feel comfortable and a school that can motivate me and push me to that level to get my education. So, if football doesn't work out, I can have something to fall back on."

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