Practice Recap: 8/14

TCU head coach Gary Patterson met with the media on Wednesday to discuss the latest on the Frogs.

TCU head coach Gary Patterson met with the media on Wednesday to recap his team's progress for the week.

"The scrimmage was hot, the defense had a better day today. We're banged up a little bit but we've got to make ‘til Friday."

How did the special teams scrimmage look…

"Good, I'll tell you the guy who had a great day was Ranthony Texada. He returned two punts almost for touchdowns and a kickoff return. Depth wise it's the best we've been in a couple of years to be honest with you; punt and kickoff returns. But, we've got to block better, the whole thing is blocking."

Anyone in particular look good on defense?

"Well, we picked them two or three times; the number one quarterbacks, not the two's and three's. We picked Casey twice and Trevone once. I think one was Zach Jackson."

Has the pressure from the front four improved?

Patterson raved about Matthews on Wednesday
"We're still not where we need to be."

On the safeties moving around..

"Kindred has moved to weak (safety) for a few days to add depth. We're really happy with Denzel (Johnson), he's ran with the two's both this morning and tonight. He took a lot of reps yesterday."

On the linebackers…

"The young linebackers have hit a wall. The linebackers are going to be by committee, that's just the way it is."

Has there been any more shuffling on the offensive line?

"Yeah, Dunbar played some guard and tackle. That would be one."

How has Jonathan Anderson looked?

"By committee…right now we've got to play better at linebacker. But, we were better yesterday and today."

Are you hoping to have a decision at quarterback made by this weekend?

"I don't know if I have to. Both of them have played good. Saturday is going to be it because we have to make a decision."

"Both of them have had glimpses. I'll be honest with you, we really feel like we have a third. We really feel good about Tyler; he's vastly improved from a year ago. Number one his throwing motion (is better), he worked hard this summer and I think he gained confidence in the spring. He went into the summer and got bigger and stronger and I think his back is better. We feel like we have three quarterbacks."

On Brandon Carter's injured hand…

"He'll be alright; it's not a big deal. He'll be back and play in the ball game. He'll be practicing next week. When he can tolerate the pain is when he'll go."

Is Ty Slanina still getting first team reps?

"Yes, Ty right now is in the huddle. He's tired, we've wore him out because he's on special teams and doing things."

How has Mike Tuaua looked?

Tuaua has worked at DT this week
"He's looked good, we moved him into a 3-technique and he's been playing d-tackle because Jon Lewis and Terrell Lathan have been out. It's really made us better inside because both him and Tevin Lawson have got a lot of reps with the two's and the one's."

Is Patrick Morris still working at center and guard?

"Yes, he'll be both. He will not redshirt this year, he'll help us. He's a fighter, that's what I like about him."

Are there any other freshmen in particular who will play?

"Right now until five games are over all of them are in."

How has Jason Verrett looked?

"We'll have to see. What happens sometimes is that you have high expectations and somebody catches a ball on him and thinks he's terrible. We've got some good wide receivers and he's got to keep competing."

On Devonte Fields

"I don't think Devonte had a good early camp. Here this last week and a half he's really started to come on. We went back and showed him what he looked like in two-a-days as a freshman and how he worked and played. His whole demeanor has changed to where we're at now."

On people looking past LSU quarterback Zach Mettenberger

"I'm not overlooking anybody; LSU is LSU. They've played for national titles here in the last five years. They're big and physical on both sides of the ball and they try to intimidate you and try to run over you in the running game and have guys that can run by you. If anybody thinks that Mettenberger is not a very good quarterback then they're sadly mistaken. They won nine or ten games in the SEC."

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