Frogs won't name starting QB before LSU

Gary Patterson met with the media Sunday after his team's scrimmage on Saturday. His team went about 80 plays with the first, second and third teamers all getting around 20 plays.

Gary Patterson announced Sunday that he will not name a starting quarterback prior to the LSU game on August 31.

"You won't know until he runs out onto the field for the first huddle on game day," Patterson said Sunday in his office. "Especially in the first ball game, if there is differences in similarity and styles [between the two quarterback options], it hurts your ball club if you tell."

"There is a big difference in preparing for Casey Pachall versus Trevone Boykin. Even in scrimmages, I have to call scrimmages differently depending on if it's Casey Pachall and Trevone Boykin. How you play coverages, what you do, it's all different."

Patterson's comments come on the heels of another scrimmage where both Casey Pachall and Trevone Boykin took snaps with the first team offense.

"The scrimmage was pretty even," Patterson said. "Our Tuesday scrimmage was better. Our attention tonight, as far as coaches, go to LSU and the full game plan."

With the season opener just a fortnight away, Patterson said his coaches will take the next day and a half to finalize the game plan and to watch film of new LSU offensive coordinator, Cam Cameron's past offenses.

"It's a lot of work on the defensive side of the ball," Patterson explained. "They were already a pro style offense. Coach Miles actually introduced Cam Cameron to his wife, so they have been talking a lot in offseasons, and you see a lot of similarity in both offenses. They throw the ball vertical and have a power running game, so I would have to think that there will be a lot of similarities."

One pivotal aspect of the TCU defense will be the play of their linebackers, and Patterson said Mallett, Dawson and Anderson will continue to rotate.

"Gotta keep getting better there. Like I told you, probably the most improved group on our team is the offensive line. Yesterday, the offense moved the ball, but the ones and twos did not score."

TCU will be off Monday because school starts.

"We are still a young football team, and that is hard thing going into a game like LSU. They haven't played a team like LSU, but they haven't even been on the sidelines for a TCU game. Growing up is a three or four year process as a football team."

Talent contest

"Last night we had a talent contest. No one wins, they just either have to go back outside because they're no good or they have a chance to stay," Patterson said. "I did actually get up with my guitar last night at the end of it."

"Mike Tuaua got up and keyboarded, and he was unbelieveable," Patterson said. "Coach Cross, Coach Luper and Coach Perry got up and did a dance style [progressing] from the 70s, the 80s, the 90s and then the 2000s."

"Coach Perry tried to look hip. He had a wig on over his bald head. These are just a bunch of kids that get along, and last year, it seemed like no one knew each other."


The uniforms for the LSU game will be revealed on August 23rd. Nike asked Patterson and TCU to delay the release of the uniforms which is why the reveal of them on twitter has not continued.

Patterson did divulge that there would not be a Frog on the helmet, but he said he was superstitious, and he may try to slap a small Frog on the helmet somewhere.

As for the Nike cleats that TCU will wear, they way less than 9 ounces according to Patterson.

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