Austin Holds 4 Offers

Jaelan Austin showed out at a TCU camp and earned an offer. He now holds four, but expect that number to swell with a big 2013 season.

TCU knew it right away. Jaelan Austin showed up to a camp and wowed the TCU coaching staff, earning himself a coveted offer. Now holding four, Austin's goal is to make an even bigger name for himself during the 2013 season. With his junior year fast approaching, he says there's one more school he'd like to visit.

"I've been working on getting a Texas offer, but I still just have the four" said Austin. "I'm trying to make my way down to Texas before school starts this week though."

With offers from TCU, Arkansas, Iowa and Tulsa, Austin is now a known commodity in the recruiting game. He spoke with about his camp experience at TCU and what he liked about the Horned Frog coaching staff.

"I really like the coaching staff" he said. "I like how they made us go both offense and defense to see how athletic everyone was."

"That was different because every other college I've been to only made us go offense but they wanted to see us work both."

Austin went on to describe the rest of what he saw while on TCU's campus.

"The facilities were really nice and they have a really nice stadium" said Austin. "I liked it a lot."

With his junior year about to commence, Austin says he plans on making quite a few trips to see some college programs in action this fall.

"I'm going to try to go watch every Texas team and make my way down to Oregon, LSU, Iowa and Arkansas too" he said. "I'm actually going to go to the TCU and LSU game."

"I'm probably going to come to TCU's home game against Texas too, that's a big one."

With a busy fall schedule in place, Austin says his main reason for taking so many trips is to see the different coaching staffs in action.

"I really want to see the different staffs and how I would get along with them" he said. "If I'm going to be somewhere, I really don't want to go somewhere that I can't take their coaching for four years."

"I really want to get to know the different coaching staffs to see how they are."

With signing day for the 2015 class still 18 months away, there's no rush for Austin to make a decision. Having said that, the talented playmaker already has a timeframe in mind.

"I'm really looking for a pro style offense and a coaching staff that I can get along with that can get me ready to go to the league" he said. "I'll be ready to decide by next summer."

With roughly 12 months to go before he'll make a decision, every team in Texas will have a shot to make their pitch to him. Will the Horned Frogs make a statement against LSU and Texas in 2013? Wins over one or both could be monumental.

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