Patterson talks about Tuesday practice

Gary Patterson met the media Tuesday with very few details to give away about his team or its game plan for its first game against LSU.

As the midday heat began to give way to the easy breezes of the early evening, TCU head coach Gary Patterson walked over to a group of reporters. After greeting the press pool with a hello, he bent over to wipe the perspiration from his forehead with his already sweat drenched shirt.

"Whatcha got," Patteson asked.

Before one media member could finish asking his first question about the last few days of practice, Patterson responded. "Well you saw the offense run because they failed to give us a good look. Today LSU scrimmaged, and today, we didn't practice well on both sides of the ball."

"It's not uncommon with the first day of classes, but we have to get ourselves better," Patterson continued still hunched over dripping with sweat.

In many ways, the image of "GMFP," as he is affectionately known, hunched over, dripping with sweat is the essence of the type of coach he is.

He's intense. He gives as much on the practice field as he demands of his players. He is a perfectionist that demands the same level of effort from his team as he, himself, gives.

To many of the ensuing questions, Patterson's response was very similar to "I don't know. I'm not going to tell LSU that." When asked about why he believes his offensive line is better and much improved, he deferred to the "we'll find out on Saturday" response.

Sure, we in the media would love for Patterson to spill his guts on all the details of his team and what he expects, but Patterson is simply doing what is right by his team. And good for him doing so.

He does what he thinks is best for his team at all times, and that speaks to the competitiveness of the man that has won 76 percent of his games during his time as TCU head coach.

That competitiveness is reflected in his team who plays with the same competitiveness and intensity that he conveys during a post-practice interview.

"Go read everything that Mr. Miles says and see if he says anything positive or negative," Patterson said. "He's not giving me anything, and that is the same thing with us."

"One thing I'll say is I plan my practices around making my linebackers better. It's easier to fix em when you have an older secondary," Patterson said. "When you've got to make everyone better like last year, it's a little bit harder."

Patterson did, however, admit that this year's team is the youngest team he has led into such a high magnitude game.

? "We've got to go play. You can't hold them back, and you have to be smart about what you're doing. We prepare everything we can to get ready for the first ball game, and usually we play good that first ball game."

Returning to practice today was receiver Brandon Carter who was able to catch passes as well as punts.

Out with a broken hand over the weekend, Carter's health is pivotal in that he is one of expected starter Casey Pachall's favorite targets.

More uniform banter

Patterson said he always has influence on what the new uniforms will look like.

"There was one time when [Nike] came in with a whole black and red uniform. I said ‘nope,'" Patterson laughed. "This one they had, we liked it from the very beginning, so we didn't change it. Everything about it we liked. They [Nike] are really good. They have had some unbelievable ideas."

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