Is TCU Still An Option For Mayes?

Current Minnesota commitment Connor Mayes visited TCU on Friday.

Connor Mayes committed to Minnesota over two months ago. His decision at the time left fans from TCU, Oklahoma and Texas Tech wondering if his process was indeed completely shut.

TCU fans found out over the weekend that there is still somewhat of an interest in the Frogs from Mayes. He and his father visited TCU on Friday.

"It was good, we tried to make it over for practice but we left a little late," he said. "We talked to Coach Sharp for a while just about how everything is going and how they think they'll do against LSU."

Although Mayes insists that he's solid to Minnesota, he also admits that he wants other programs to know he will have them under consideration in case his commitment to Minnesota changes. According to Mayes, TCU has told him they'll wait all the way until National Signing Day if he decides to become a Frog. That left the four-star center relieved.

"They treated me like I was any other recruit. They treated me good and I got to talk to all the coaches and see the new uniform when I was down there," he said. "They said they're going to take it down until signing day, so I have as much time as I want. I'm not trying to burn any bridges with any colleges right now so if it doesn't work out with Minnesota I'll have a backup. It's good to know I have a plan in case Minnesota doesn't work out for me."

While on his visit Mayes caught a glimpse of the Frogs' new Nike Pro Combat uniform they will wear against LSU this Saturday. As TCU head coach Gary Patterson said at the uniform's unveiling ceremony, the uniform is about impressing 16-22 year olds. Consider that mission accomplished with Mayes.

"They're crazy, they're probably the coolest uniforms I've seen," Mayes said of the Frogs' newest uniform. "I like the red stripe on the side of the helmet."

It's a well-known fact that Mayes comes from a Horned Frog family, but the family hasn't pressured him into wearing the purple, black and white. But, that hasn't stopped a current TCU commit and one of his good friends from urging Mayes to join the fold. That commit is fellow offensive lineman Ty Barrett.

"Ty will give me a hard time and tells me to keep thinking about TCU," he said of Barrett.

In addition to TCU, Mayes has plans to visit games at Oklahoma and Texas Tech this season.

Minnesota fans at the moment shouldn't worry how strong Mayes' commitment is to their school. After all, they've got the best recruiter in their corner with Connor's big brother Alex already on campus. The younger Mayes is still getting used to life without his older brother constantly around.

"It's been a lot different around the house since Alex is gone and not having him in the locker room is kind of weird but I'm adjusting well and I know he's adjusting well up there. He's getting a lot of reps in all of his scrimmages so I think he's doing good up there from what he tells me," Mayes said.

Van Alstyne had a disappointing season in 2012 with just two wins and missing the playoffs after an eight win season in 2011. Mayes said the foundation is there to make 2013 a great season if his team puts in the hard work.

"We need to work as hard as we can and make it as far as we can and I think we're going to make a pretty good run at the playoffs this year," he said. "A lot of schools in our district have lost a lot of guys and we have a lot of returning starters coming back. We've been looking good in our scrimmages."

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