25 Thoughts on TCU vs. LSU

TCU took a tough 37-27 loss to LSU on Saturday night in front of over 80,000 fans.

1. LSU is a very talented team. Despite the loss of 8 starters from their defense last season, the Tigers just simply reload. Not enough credit given to their corners. They will be one of the top three most athletic teams the Frogs face all year

2. TCU outside receivers weren't utilized enough. Was that due to time to throw? We'll see later in the season.

3. Josh Doctson, you've got what looks to be a promising career ahead of you. Nice catch of 35-yards in the third quarter.

4. Speaking of the 35-yard gain, Boykin's throw was the best of the TCU quarterbacks on Saturday night.

5. Does TCU have a QB controversy? Patterson said following the game the Pachall was still the starter but he admitted the offense did see a spark when Boykin took over. Boykin led the Frogs to two consecutive scoring drives when he entered the game.

6. Devonte Fields didn't play, proving you shouldn't believe every rumor. The Frogs missed Fields badly on pass rushes as LSU quarterback Zach Mettenberger had 4-6 seconds to throw on some plays. He looked like an NFL quarterback on some throws. The LSU QB completed 16 passes for 251 yards…that equals to over 15 yards per completion. Read that number again.

7. Jarvis Landry and Odell Beckham were good, very good. No doubt that Big 12 offensive coordinators will try to utilize the same play this season.

8. Special teams kept TCU in the game. But they also led to an easy field goal for the Tigers after a Brandon Carter fumbled a kickoff return.

9. Two timeouts in the first quarter. First game mistakes.

10. LSU defensive tackle Anthony Johnson is good, real good.

11. Some fan bases are saying that LSU had struggles in the red zone due to their own mistakes. Maybe the Frogs defense had something to do with…just a thought. You know which way I'm looking.

12. Catalon has game breaking speed and needs the ball in his hands more. The sophomore runningback led all carriers with 52 yards on 8 carries. He's quickly becoming a fan favorite. Again, more touches.

13. TCU has to improve their 3rd down defense; LSU converted 13-of-19 third down conversions with several of those from longer than seven yards. Again, no pass rush.

14. Still scratching my head on the 4th and 2 call with just over 5 minutes left in the game. Unfortunately, TCU's defense hadn't consistently stopped LSU all night and the Tigers easily ran out the final five minutes. To be honest, thought Boykin would've taken off on a run on 3rd and 2.

15. Linebackers were impressive, particular Jonathan Anderson who appeared to be near the ball every time. This will be big moving forward.

16. TCU is still a very young team. Keep that in mind.

17. Where were Ladarius Brown, Cam White and JaJuan Story? Frogs needed to get the big bodied receivers involved.

18. There were some key drops in the game from the TCU receivers off throws that were on the money.

19. Chucky Hunter and Davion Pierson are good. Very good. The Frogs run defense played LSU steady all night with the exception of Magee's 52 yard run. Take that run away and the Frogs held the Tigers to 3.0 yards per carry.

20. False starts couldn't have come at worse times but overall the line played well. TCU only allowed one sack all night and showed signs of improvement from a year ago.

21. Jarvis Landry just caught another slant over the middle on third down.

22. Overall, the TCU corners played well. Both Kevin White and Jason Verrett had some key pass breakups.

23. As a fan of college football, it was great to see LSU's tradition up close. From the band, fans and players, they were a fun bunch to watch.

24. Oh, by the way, get your crap together B1G officials. How the heck do you get a personal foul call when you're returning to the field without your helmet on.

25. TCU lost to a top 15 team; it's as simple as that. They didn't play a weak team and despite what some opposing fans think, I don't feel they will be puffing their chests out for too long.

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