Patterson Talks After Day of Reflection

TCU battled LSU for 4 quarters last night but came up on the short end of the stick, 37-27. Horned Frog coach Gary Patterson spoke with the media Sunday and says he's proud of how hard his young team fought.

Looking back on the game now, you can point to a play here and a play there that could have swung the momentum in TCU's favor and possibly allowed the Horned Frogs to pull out the victory. A few players that TCU counted on as leaders may have tried to do too much explained Patterson.

"The biggest thing is that we had some guys try to do more than what they needed to on defense" said Patterson. "Up front obviously you have to have a better pass rush but actually we pushed the pocket quite a bit."

Although TCU recorded 2 sacks, they both came on blitzes from the secondary, not from the defensive line. Still, Patterson felt like his defense did some good things on Saturday night.

On the other side of the ball, there are those who believe that there's a quarterback controversy brewing. Patterson shut that down Sunday afternoon.

"We had 100 yards in the first half and we threw an interception to start the second half, the key was we needed a spark" he said. "Casey's our starter and we'll move forward with it and there's not anything more to that."

"The thing of going to Trevone is you've got to have a little bit more time to get open and do some things and he was able to do that with his feet and got us a couple of first downs."

"We were out there to find a way to win and we felt like he gave us a spark. I've already talked to Casey about it and I've already talked to the team about it, it's not going to be an issue."

When the question came up about the play of his linebackers, Patterson was hesitant to heap too much praise on his young defenders.

"We've got to play better" he said. "We didn't play bad, for their first ballgame, but they've got to play better.

"We've got to play better in space because everybody else we're going to play down the road is going to be in space."

Coming out of fall camp, the biggest question mark along with who would emerge at linebacker was the play of the offensive line. Patterson touched on the improvement of the unit as a whole and singled out a couple of players that impressed.

"We felt like Big V did(play well) and Dunbar moved out and took Aviante's place because he got a little bit rattled" he said. "We felt like Joey Hunt played well but we got outmatched a little bit inside by #90 but I thought we fought."

"The biggest thing is to battle and I felt like the offensive line battled and that was a great test for us."

Although LSU picked up over 400 yards of offense and scored 37 points, TCU showed flashes of solid defense and Patterson explained his thought process on his defensive calls.

"We had gone in with the game plan to do some of the stuff that we did, bringing the corner (on a blitz)" said Patterson. "That's where we got our sacks was on blitzes, I probably should have blitzed more to be honest with you."

"We weren't matching up very well with #80 so when they got into three wide out, I didn't feel very comfortable about that situation so we played more base."

One of the biggest issues stopping LSU's receivers on 3rd down was the lack of a pass rush. Coach Patterson explained that Devonte Fields was really missed in those situations.

"You've got to have a pass rush and we were there but they made plays and we didn't" said Patterson. "It's a pretty simple thing, we have to play better there but we were the best in the Big 12 and everybody comes back."

"We get Devonte back, get a pass rush and other guys have potential to be that (too). I think Lathan, a guy we played at end last night, all those guys will have an opportunity to do that."

With Matt Anderson's comeback story making news before the game, Patterson says he was happy with the way his persistent defender played.

"Out of the four, he was the guy that played very well" he said. "He was the surprise because he had been kind of (struggling) a little bit in practice this week but he was the guy that really played well of the group."

"I'm very happy about that happening."

Another young player that Patterson singled out was Big V. The Sophomore tackle was matched up with Jermauria Rasco all night and more than held his own.

"He did good" he said. "Rasco is a good defensive end but he held up well. Aviante reverted back a couple of times and got in trouble and that's why we moved Dunbar outside and he played well at tackle."

"Collins will be back there, it's a long season" said Patterson. "We're going to do what we do but their defense was really good."

Overall, coach Patterson seems to be happy that his team came out of the game healthy and more experienced. As he put it, that type of game can show you where you stand in the college football landscape.

"I think our guys realize that they can compete with the type of athlete that was on the field" he said. "Do we have to get better to play against LSU? Yes. But now I know recruiting wise what I need to have on the field and what they need to look like but we're progressing there."

"Our recruiting class shows that" he said. "Of the guys we have so far and the guys we have coming in with the 350 pound guards and the 6'6" offensive tackles and the 315 pound defensive tackles, I think we're headed in that direction."

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