Patterson tries to do right by Fields

Gary Patterson would not say definitively Tuesday if his sophomore defensive end Devonte Fields will play on Saturday against Southeast Louisiana. Patterson did explain how he is trying to do right by his player

Devonte Fields has served 135 hours of community service. Devonte Fields has been cleared to play by the university.

In fact, Fields was cleared to play by the university before the LSU game.

He could have played.

Gary Patterson said no. For Patterson, Fields' suspension is all about improving the life of a kid who needed to get back on the right path.

As TCU head coach Gary Patterson said at his press luncheon on Tuesday, "A righteous man loses also. You have to be careful. You want to do what's right."

And Patterson believed that playing Devonte Fields against LSU because he was needed was not right. It was a copout.

"The question with Devonte is do you think he changed," Patterson said. "Can you put into place a situation where he can succeed? The school would have let Devonte Fields play but I was the one that didn't play him."

But Fields may play Saturday said head coach Gary Patterson who listed Fields as the starter on the depth chart this week.

"No matter what, Devonte Fields will serve a two-game suspension."

Patterson said that he worries Fields could get hurt if he is thrown into his first game action against Texas Tech. For that reason, Fields may play Saturday and serve the second game of his suspension later in the season.

Patterson said that he feels Fields has learned his lesson.

"He's had three months of trying to change his life. He has had his name talked about," Patterson said as he compared the length of time Fields spent embarrassed to the amount of time Casey Pachall spent in rehab.

Whether Fields plays or not on Saturday takes a backseat to the larger story here. Patterson has done what he felt was right by his player.

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