Patterson On His Team: "Time to Grow Up"

TCU head coach Gary Patterson met with the media following Wednesday's practice.

TCU head coach Gary Patterson described himself as a "troubleshooter" on Wednesday when he met with the media following his team's practice. Patterson has been known to send messages to his team in the past, and his message from Wednesday was loud and clear.

When the team's back is against the wall, the team needs to stop feeling sorry for themselves and grow up.

"They're feeling sorry for themselves," Patterson said of his team. "If they don't do any better they'll only win one ballgame and they've already won that one. The bottom line to it, guys got to grow up. If they grow up, they can be what they need to be. If we don't grow up we're not going to win any more ball games."

Patterson describes himself as an expert troubleshooter, meaning he's usually the mad guy that makes those against him form a bond together. He joked on Wednesday that he's been pushing his team so hard that he was on the verge of a heart attack.

"If you haven't been around me when things get tough, the tough get going. I haven't been a lot of fun to be around so when I say we're only going to win one game I'm telling you because if they can't handle me then they're going to have a hard time handling 90,000 at Oklahoma."

Much of the discussion since the Frogs loss to Texas Tech last week has surrounded the ineffectiveness of the offense. Although Patterson declined to go into specifics of possible changes fans and opponents will see from the offense scheme wise, he did mention there will be a slight change that he feels will benefit.

"One of the things that's going to happen is Coach Anderson is going to move up in the box," Patterson said of Anderson. "I feel like we don't have enough eyes; that's where he was a year ago and I felt like we did a better job."

Several questions within the last week have mentioned why Patterson isn't more involved with some of the plays called on offense. Patterson said he does have input on important plays and acknowledges that play calls in certain situations have to be better.

"I was the one that asked them if they had a good fourth and one call, no more than I asked if they had a good two-point play for Boyce two times," he said. "When you look back at it, why wouldn't you line up in two tight ends and run right at somebody. That's what we do every day in practice; that's what we do in middle drill. We've just got to think a little bit better."

Quarterback Trevone Boykin has also drawn criticism for his performance against the Red Raiders, where he threw two interceptions and no touchdowns. Patterson said his quarterback has had "fair" practices the last few days. The coach says his young quarterback is simply trying to do too much on his own.

Patterson said Boykin is trying to do too much
"I think he just tried to do too much, he just needs to play," Patterson said of Boykin. "If we would've just handed the ball off twenty more times we would've had a better chance at winning. We've got to do a better job coaching, we've got to go straight ahead when it's fourth and 1 and not go sideways."

Patterson said Boykin isn't in danger of losing his job and redshirt freshman Tyler Matthews has not received any extra reps. However, Patterson did acknowledge that if Boykin doesn't progress, they have to look at other options.

"Tyler hasn't played but if Trey doesn't get it done then we'll try another option," Patterson said of playing another quarterback. "The last ball game I think he tried to do too much. He needs to slow down, hand the ball off and don't try to run and make all the touchdowns himself, he'll play a lot better. It's no different from last year, when he tried to do too much we lost when he played within the offense we won. He needs to play within the offense."


Patterson mentioned on Wednesday that if there's one unit on his team that has been the most consistent; it's the special teams.

"Besides the one kickoff by LSU we've ran a kickoff back against LSU, we've basically had two punt returns for a touchdown. There's a lot of positive things that are going on," he said "Usually special teams are the heartbeat of how your team is."

Griffin Gilbert OUT FOR THE SEASON

Patterson confirmed on Wednesday that sophomore tight end Griffin Gilbert is done for the season after having back surgery earlier this week. While the Frogs will miss him this season, Patterson said Gilbert qualifies for a medical redshirt, which is something they'll be pursuing.

"The good thing is he was within the 20-percent so he'll have a medical," he said. "It was something where we just needed to fix it so that's what we did."


TCU All-American cornerback Jason Verrett wore a red jersey on Wednesday but still worked out with the team. Patterson lauded the play of the TCU secondary on Wednesday for their game against Tech including Verrett, who held Eric Ward to no catches.

"He's a little bit banged up from the hit he had on the tight end so he's in a redshirt but he's out here working," Patterson said. "He's one of those guys that's trying to get done what he needs to get done. I suspect they'll all get their spirits up and get going."


There have been plenty of shifts along the offensive line in just three games this season. However, Patterson said on Wednesday that senior James Dunbar will play primarily tackle the rest of the season. Dunbar worked with the one's on Wednesday in front of sophomore Aviante Collins.

"One thing we've decided is Dunbar has got to play mostly tackle and some other guys have got to step up at guard," he said. "It's too much for him to rotate back and forth."

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