Rapid Reactions: TCU vs. OU

The TCU Horned Frogs battled OU until the end but ultimately fell, 20-17. What did we see that led to the victory for the Sooners? Here's 25 key plays that stood out during the game.

1. The OU crowd was in it from the get go. The noise on the field was tough to deal with for the Horned Frogs and you could feel the energy all the way up in the press box.

2. TCU's defense was remarkable throughout the game. With the exception of the 77 yard TD in the 4th quarter, the Frogs had an answer for everything OU did.

3. Mike Tuaua earned his first career sack.

4. The offense's struggles in the first half pushed the defense to their limits. Coach Patterson said in the post game presser that he wants the pressure on his defense because they're used to it.

5. The Frogs had just 9 yards of total offense in the 1st quarter.

6. Terrel Lathan had another good game with a sack and multiple big plays from the DE spot.

7. TCU held OU's offense to 53 yards in the 1st quarter.

8. Brandon Carter had another rough game. Dropping two deep passes in the first half and running the wrong route on a crucial 3rd and 4 in the 4th quarter will rub a lot of people the wrong way.

9. Brandon Carter continues to be shaky at best when returning punts.

10. Jason Verrett is hands down the best DB in the Big 12. He had another stellar game tonight.

11. OU picked on Kevin White in the 1st half but he played well overall.

12. Trey Millard made Chris Hackett miss in the open field for a first half TD. The big FB was held in check otherwise.

13. OU put together a 13 play 84 yard drive in the 2nd quarter when TCU's D started getting winded.

14. Boykin had no time to throw in the 1st half. The O-line was getting manhandled.

15. TCU had 16 total yards at halftime and it was the 1st time in school history they failed to get a 1st down in the first half.

16. OU led in total yardage, 200-16 in the first half.

17.TCU forced OU into two 3 and outs totaling 4 yards on OU's only two possessions of the 3rd quarter.

18. TCU continued to kill themselves on 1st down with a false start after getting great starting field position in the 3rd quarter at the OU 48.

19. TCU got their first 1st down at 8:35 of the 3rd quarter.

20. TCU recovered a pooch kick after getting a 25 yard FG from Oberkrom to make it 13-3 OU.

21. TCU gained the the momentum in the 3rd quarter when Boykin scored from 2 yards out to make it 13-10 OU.

22. Marcus Mallett failed to play the cutback on a run blitz and OU turned it into a 76 yard TD that put them up 20-10.

23. Boykin found David Porter for 45 yards and then B.J. Catalon for 21 yards on a nicely called screen in on TCU's final scoring drive.

24. Boykin scrambled for 8 yards and a TD to cut the lead to 20-17.

25. OU was able to run the clock out by getting key first downs to end the game.

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