Game of Execution

TCU head coach Gary Patterson met with the media on Wednesday to discuss the Frogs game against Kansas.

On Wednesday, just as he always does every Wednesday, TCU head coach Gary Patterson answered the question of how his team has practiced this week.

And for the most part, without giving too much away, the coach will tell you his exact thoughts on his team's preparation for the week.

Patterson said his team has practiced good this week but he knows the real question on everyone's mind; how is the offense doing? Patterson won't know that until the Frogs line up against Kansas this Saturday at 11:00am but he acknowledged what the Frogs need to do on the offensive side of the ball to be successful. Run the football and score more points. For Patterson, at this point he's not concerned with the amount of yards the offense generates; it's all about the points. Even if it is just one more point than the opponent.

"We've just got to be able to keep running the football," Patterson said. "We've got to do what we can do. The key is to win ball games. If it's not going right for you you've got to play defense, run the football and that's how you can play action. If you can run the football that's how you set everything else up. We've just got to keep doing the things that give us a chance to be successful. We need more yards and more points and I'll take more points over the yards."

On Tuesday, TCU defensive tackle Chucky Hunter said pointing fingers at the lack of offense wouldn't help matters and said the result of the Frogs three losses was a total team effort. Patterson has also seen the various remarks in his coaching decisions from his critics.

"It goes from the top down; I'm seeing where I'm not a very good coach anymore," Patterson said. "It's okay. I've about been fired three times in my thirteen years as the head coach here. The key is to keep growing and developing; it's about the long road and not the short road. The short road is Kansas and the long road is the Big 12 championship. For us that's what we're trying to get accomplished."

The Frogs have seen slow starts from their offense in the first half of every game this season. They've trailed at the half in their last three games against Tech, SMU and Oklahoma. Patterson knows the offense needs to get off to a fast start against Kansas on Saturday, but he isn't pressuring the offense into making the offense a higher-tempo offense, he just wants to see them make plays.

"There's not any pressure from me to do that," Patterson said. "The key is you've got to go play and guys have got to make plays. Nothing else has changed. We need to get the ball in the hands of people that are making plays."

Late against Oklahoma the offensive line featured seniors John Wooldridge and Eric Tausch playing right guard and right tackle respectively. The line seemed to perform better with this lineup but Patterson said it was by rotation that the two played side by side. It's something he says the Frogs will continue to do this season.

"He rotates them in, there's a lot of guys we're rotating every four to six plays. For me, I told him people are going to rotate that many defensive lineman that offensive line coaches aren't used to it. The guy is a lot better when he's fresher. For us, rotating guys every four to six plays makes us a better offensive line because you're better when you're fresh."

Patterson says the ingredients for a Frogs win on Saturday are simple.

"Number one we've got to play good defense and we can't give up the big play and we've got to stop the run. On offense, you've got to find a way to earn points; it's a simple thing."

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