25 Thoughts on TCU vs. OSU

TCU fell to 3-4 overall and 1-3 in Big 12 play with a 24-10 loss to Oklahoma State on Saturday. We give our thoughts on some of the key moments in the game.

1. TCU didn't find an answer for Josh Stewart, who started off his day with 6 catches in the first quarter. At one point Cowboys quarterback J.W. Walsh went to Stewart on four consecutive third down attempts. Stewart was good for the Cowboys, very good.

2. Stewart's 95-yard punt return was a thing of beauty, well, it wasn't if you're TCU. Stewart's return was the longest in Oklahoma State history.

3. Still like what I'm seeing from the Frogs pass rush; James McFarland recorded a sack in the first quarter and pressure from Terrell Lathan forced Walsh into a bad throw that was intercepted by Kindred. McFarland recorded another sack in the second quarter. The bad news for the Frogs D-line is Lathan and Pierson were injured during the game. I especially like McFarland's hustle in the third quarter when he ran down Childs on a 34-yard gain.

4. We saw the arrival of Tyler Matthews after Boykin's second interception of the day. The redshirt freshman didn't get the start he had hoped for, fumbling an exchange between him and Ty Slanina on his first play in the game.

5. Is it bad to think when TCU trails by a 10-0 score that the game is over?

6. Oklahoma State went after TCU's secondary in a big way in the first half; throwing for 268 yards. The Frogs secondary did get some takeaways, picking off Walsh and Clint Chelf three times in the first half. The TCU defense tightened up in the second half, allowing only 52 yards through the air. But, OSU converted 7-of-18 third down conversions and a majority of those conversions were from 8 yards or greater.

7. Speaking of the Frogs four forced turnovers, the offense was unable to put any points on the board.

8. TCU doesn't have much luck in the state of Oklahoma when it comes to first downs in the first half. They only amassed three first downs against OSU and between the Cowboys and Sooner, the Frogs total three first downs in four quarters. TCU didn't get there first 1st down until a little over seven minutes in the first quarter. They only crossed midfield once in the first half. Not productive.

9. OSU went after Jason Verrett in the first half like no other team has done this season. Clint Chelf went after the All-American corner on several occasions and completed a long of 30 on Verrett. When Chelf didn't complete a pass, Verrett was called for interference. Hand it to Chelf for seeing this.

10. TCU was 0-for-6 in the first half on third down conversions. They were 6-of-11 in the second half. That's a glaring stat that proves the difference in first and second half executions for the Frogs.

11. It was a rough day for Joey Hunt, who had multiple snaps that were mere inches from the ground.

12. Nice trick play from TCU on the Cameron Echols-Luper throwback to Boykin. A couple more blocks it might've gone the distance.

13. I'm still at a loss for words on why the offense struggles so mightily in the first half.

14. TCU has no downfield threats on offense, or they have no trust in Boykin making those decisions to throw downfield. Ladarius Brown is the Frogs leading receiver for the game and averages eight yards per catch. No downfield threat.

15. The receivers overall had a bad day all around with several drops on key plays. Deante' Gray did have a nice catch on the comeback on a deep throw from Boykin for 69 yards.

16. The Frogs defense played great all day but late in the game just as it has against LSU, Texas Tech and Oklahoma, the Frogs special teams and defense gave up a quick score to put the game out of reach for good. Like LSU though, the special teams didn't help by allowing a 50-yard kickoff return prior to the Cowboys last scoring drive.

17. Many were questioning why Matthews and Boykin were switching in and out on plays in the fourth quarter and it turns out that Boykin's shoulder was injured on the previous plays. TCU fans may see more of Matthews against Texas if Boykin's shoulder doesn't improve.

18. Speaking of Matthews, we all saw what we expected to see; Matthews running for his life. The freshman didn't panic though and actually gained a few yards in the process. He only attempted one pass on the day on a throw to LaDarius Brown that could've been caught.

19. Time and time again the defense has proven that they are one of the conference's best. Although they might not lead the lead in the stat category, is there another defense in the league that has to do so much to keep their team in the game.

20. TCU's run defense was dominant on the day as OSU runners couldn't find a crease anywhere. The Cowboys finished with 95 yards on the ground, but that came on 35 carries.

21. TCU passed the ball 37 times and ran it 36 times. That's balanced, but that's not including the number of times Boykin took off to run. OSU came into the game with the conference's second best run defense and next to last in pass defense. Jarrett Anderson returned to the sideline in the second half and Rusty Burns called plays from the booth.

22. The play from Josh Stewart catching the ball over a much bigger Chris Hackett pretty much describes TCU's season thus far.

23. Frogs forced four turnovers but were unable to score any points. When was the last time a Gary Patterson team couldn't score off forced turnovers? This reaction was worth repeating.

24. When throwing deep, don't throw deep on Justin Gilbert, who is one of the fastest players not only in the Big 12, but the entire nation.

25. This may be one of the best defenses in the Patterson era and easily the worst offense. While play calling continues to get criticism, it again comes down to execution.

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