Focusing on the good

Alex Apple discusses ten positive items that TCU can take away from the last few weeks despite the tough losses.

Someone posted on the Horned Frog Blitz message boards a few weeks ago that "Bad times make you bitter or better" (John Wooden). This team faces a cross-roads.

Here are my ten positive thoughts from the last few weeks:

1. Casey Pachall's success story continues. Since TCU sent CP away for treatment, he has totally changed his life around. You can tell it just from interviewing him for a few minutes. He's a a different guy, a better person. And kudos to TCU for doing right by the kid. The Frogs are better with him at QB, but he'll need some help from the guys around him if they're gonna win.

2. Jordan Moore got some carries last night and ran hard on both of them. He's quite a physical specimen, and if he can learn the intricacies of the position, he can help this team down the road.

3. How about the play of the linebackers? Mallett (who is dealing with an ailing shoulder), Dawson, and Anderson have all stepped up big time this year. Turns out LBs haven't been an issue as much as other positions. These players have been gutty and not let one bad play define their game. They keep coming at you.

4. Jon Lewis-stud. He continues to make plays, and there were two plays last night where I saw him out of my peripheral vision on a play, and he was just tossing the o-lineman aside. DT might be TCU's best position.

5. Oberkrom's 50+ yard field goal would have had a chance from 65 yards. What a leg he has. I know Gary and TCU wish he had made it, but I expect a good junior and senior year from him.

6. Another Pachall note - I know he has given very little time to throw and that is why he had such a poor completion percentage, but the guy didn't look all that rusty to me. He made the right read calls on run plays, and for the most part, he put the ball where it was supposed to be. Missed blocks and wrong routes didn't help him out much though.

7. And one last Pachall thought =. Kudos to him for being honest. He addressed what could be the issues with this team, and while everyone else that talks to the media has been coached to speak like robots, Pachall was honest. "Maybe it's character," Pachall said. "Maybe it's the willingness to prepare or just come out and play for the other guys within the team. I don't know what it is, but whatever it is, it needs to change."

8. Chris Hackett is a really good player. I'd be interested to see if he played as well after watching the tape as I thought he did live. He's a very good tackler which he doesn't always get credit for. Everyone knows he's good in coverage, and I expect him to be playing on Saturdays. He's just a sophomore.

9. Atmosphere was great at the start of the game. I was in Frog Alley briefly before the game. Everyone was jazzed up. Both team's fans expected a good game, and TCU put on a good show for them...until lightning struck for 3 hours. Oh well.

10. HornedFrogBlitz is still enjoyable for me everyday. I enjoy the interaction with you all. I enjoy your candidness and devotion to the Frogs. I try to not always say what you all want to hear. I try to keep it real, but I hope you all enjoy our product here because I know J,J, Erin, Greg, and I all enjoy you all. There are some very hard working people on this team, and it's a pleasure for you all to take some time out of your day to spend with us.

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