5 Keys To Victory: West Virginia

TCU hopes to win their second Big 12 conference game this Saturday when West Virginia comes to town.

5. Put the past behind you

TCU hasn't had the season that they envisioned to this point but they can't dwell on their failures. Look for the positives and build on them and they can beat a lackluster West Virginia Team. Leadership will be the key but a total team effort will be needed to right the ship. While it's unlikely that TCU will win their final 4 games and go to a bowl game, it's not impossible. It all starts Saturday at 2:30, it's now or never for the Frogs.

4. Get Pachall on track

Casey Pachall has had a rough season but he could turn it around with a big game Saturday. Nothing has come easy for the talented QB since his long journey back began in the spring. He's battled injuries, inconsistent play from the o-line and a bad case of the brick hands from his receivers. A nice 4-0 run down the stretch for the Frogs would make for a happy ending to a tumultuous career for the highly touted Pachall. If TCU can give him time to throw this week, Pachall may have his coming out party for 2013.

3. Establish the run

We say it every week but it's obviously easier said than done. Sitting in the press box last week watching TCU do absolutely nothing on the ground, it was difficult to watch. When an offensive line is getting dominated, it's tough to move the ball and that's the up hill battle the Frogs are facing right now. If TCU can get a respectable ground game going, the passing game will open up. If you've watched this team this season, you know it's going to be a grind to run the ball, but you're going to have to commit to it to see results. TCU doesn't need to run for 200 yards, but 100-125 would really help open up the rest of the offense.

2. Play for the man to your right and to your left

In 2013, there have been a lot of "me first" type of performances. It's time this group played as a team. Hold each other accountable and I think you'll start to see a difference in the way this team plays. Getting Pachall back into a leadership role should provide the spark that this team needs. No more selfish play, and a total team effort is needed.

1. Play to win for all 4 quarters

It's as simple as this. Don't play conservatively Attack for all 4 quarters and take home your 2nd Big 12 victory of the season. It's about attitude and TCU needs to bring the fight to the Mountaineers.

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