Sawyer Finishes Prep Career A Champion

TCU 2014 commitment Foster Sawyer recently led All Saints to the SPC Championship.

Ft. Worth (TX) All Saints quarterback Foster Sawyer closed the book to his high school football career last Friday as he and the Saints played in the SPC Championship at Brewer High School.

In a game some felt could be the Saints toughest challenge of the year, Sawyer and his teammates again stepped up to the challenge with a big 42-7 win over Houston Christian. It was the second consecutive SPC Championship for the Saints who outscored their 2013 opponents by an average score of 53-14.

"I didn't think it could get any better than last year but it did," Sawyer said of his team's win. "Each week we got better as a team and we were just blessed to have a great coaching staff and teammates."

Sawyer completed 11-of-14 passes for 308 yards with 5 touchdowns in the win; all despite breaking his nose late in the second quarter. Sawyer challenged himself the week leading up to the championship after what he called a less than stellar performance the week before against Houston St. Johns.

"All week I just told myself to just get first downs and let my guys make plays," he said. "It makes my job a lot easier when I have guys like Kendall Adams and Blaze Moorehead who do freakish things when they get the ball. I also have great o-linemen that kept me clean all year and healthy."

To say Sawyer had a good senior season is an understatement. What he did throwing the ball this season looks like it came straight out of a video game; 167-of-252, 3,172 passing yards with 48 touchdowns and just two interceptions; in eleven games. He averaged four touchdown passes per game but like a true quarterback he credits the play of his teammates for his success.

He also credits All Saints head coach Aaron Beck for having trust in him to make those plays.

"I set personal goals for myself in the off-season; even though it was a bit out there my goal was to throw no interceptions and that goal went down the chute pretty fast," Sawyer said. "I just tried to be smart with the ball. As a quarterback that's one thing you can control is the ball and that's your job. Whether that's throwing the ball away or tucking it and running, that's what I tried to do better this year. All of those touchdowns were my guys doing the work; I just had to put it in their hands.

"Coach Beck did a great job and he let me call the plays for the most part which helped our team go a lot faster; which a lot of teams just couldn't keep up with how fast we went. Coach Beck trusted me in knowing the offense and not many coaches can do that but Coach Beck is that kind of man that had trust in me and the players had a lot of trust in me. That shows a lot on their character and what kind of team we really are."

In his two years as a starter at All Saints Sawyer threw for 5,897 yards and 79 touchdowns. More importantly he went 22-0 as a starter and led his team to two SPC Championships. When asked how he was able to accomplish such a feat as a starter, Sawyer says it came down to two things; good coaching and the motivation to not feel the same type of emotions he felt stemming back to his sophomore year at Grace Prep. Emotions he didn't ever want to feel again as a high school football player.

"It just goes back to Coach Beck and his coaching staff preparing us. It sounds cliché but it's really true," he said. "We just worked harder this year and strived for perfection and we got it," he said. "My sophomore year we lost to Grace Community when I was at Grace Prep and I told myself I wasn't going to lose another high school game. Seeing my brother and the rest of the senior class all hurt, I just didn't ever want that feeling again to see my friends cry. That was my motivation and luckily God blessed me in the place I was at and made it happen. It wasn't easy; there are some good teams in the SPC. That's all I can really say."

Up next for Sawyer is an off-season to get bigger, faster and stronger before he arrives at TCU. Sawyer played basketball and baseball as a junior, but he will not play those sports in order to put all of his focus in becoming a better football player.

"I'm going to take a week off because I got a fractured nose so I'm going to let that heal a little bit," he said. "Next week I'm going to hit the weight room and run, condition and get in shape. I'm not going to play any other sports to get my mind ready."

Despite the Frogs' 4-6 record, Sawyer is more ready than ever to get on campus to make a contribution to his future team; regardless if he's playing or watching from the sideline.

"Everyone has a rebuilding year and if you really watch the games you wouldn't think it's a rebuilding team," he said. "They're pretty young and trying to find their identity. Coach Patterson is doing all he can and the players are working hard; they're not giving up. I still think we're going to knock down a big team this year; they never get blown out and I think that's what kind of team they are. We'll be back and I'll try to do what I can next year whether it's on the sideline or on the field; whatever I can do to help the Frogs get to the win column."

Most of the Frogs' struggles this season have come from the offensive side of the ball and while Sawyer acknowledges the struggles, he also knows the TCU staff can get it turned around.

"I have full confidence in Coach Burns and Coach Anderson on the offensive side; they know their stuff," he said. "They're trying to find their identity at quarterback and with Casey being out," he said. "This year has been very bizarre; as a TCU fan it's been tough to watch. But, they can win."

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