Patterson Post Practice Recap

The TCU Horned Frogs will play their 2013 season finale this Saturday when they host No. 9 Baylor.

TCU head coach Gary Patterson held his last post practice interview of the season Wednesday night as his team continues preparation for Saturday's season finale against the No. 9 Baylor Bears.

The Frogs won't practice on Thanksgiving, but will have meetings in the morning. While the holidays are a festive time for families, try telling that to Patterson. Sure, he enjoys the holidays but not the stress that comes with players traveling.

Patterson said his players are allowed to travel a three-hour distance from Ft. Worth, but the good news is most of those players end up staying close. But, that doesn't mean he's not "always" stressing in the days they are away from campus.

"Most of them don't go very far," Patterson said of his players leaving town. "Usually they go with some other players and eat with their family. I've got a couple of guys coming over to my house; they all go find somewhere, they've all got a place. We're all around."

Saturday is also the finale for fourteen seniors on the Frogs roster. Patterson admitted at his Tuesday press luncheon that it would likely be a difficult moment to watch senior quarterback Casey Pachall walk out of the tunnel one last time after what he's been through. But Patterson said the same can be said for the rest of the seniors.

"All of them, every year is different," he said of his seniors. "I know that this group struggled and everything Casey went through to be where he needed to be. It's a different deal. They don't really like hugging me as much as they like hugging Mrs. P (Kelsey Patterson) anyway; I just shake their hand and we go about our business."

Up to last week's game against Oklahoma State, Baylor had been the talk of college football with their high-flying offense and meteoric rise to No. 4 in the BCS standings. Patterson said he can see some similarities in Baylor that he saw in his team three to four years ago.

He's quick to point out that just because one team appears to be on the rise while the other looks to be declining, that's not necessarily the case.

"They're having a good season, they're doing what we've done in the past," he said. "But I hear from some people that they're going this way and we're going this way; this is Art Briles' fifth year and this is my second year in the Big 12. We'll keep climbing and then in my fifth we'll see where we're at."

Despite TCU's 4-7 record, the Frogs could just as easily be 10-1 if for a few more bounces that went their way. Patterson said he's been part of losing teams before, but has never experienced a season where he's lost so many games that could've gone either way. The close calls do create some optimism for next season and could help with recruiting.

"Recruits already know this, guys that have watched us know we've been playing with 50-something players compared to 70 or 80; it makes a difference," Patterson said.

The Frogs currently have 10 commitments in the 2014 class and could finish with 7-10 additional prospects. Patterson will hit the recruiting trail beginning next week and notes the last time the Frogs didn't go to a bowl game they signed one of his best classes.

"One of our best recruiting classes came after not going to a bowl in 2004," he said. "The guys that come here really want to play; they're not coming here because you won ball games. They want to play and be football players."

TCU has had one of the youngest teams in the nation the last two seasons. In 2012, they tied with LSU with playing 28 true and redshirt freshmen. Early playing time is a factor a lot of prospects look at but Patterson said it's not something he and his coaches sell hard to prospective recruits.

Just recruit good players.

"I don't think there is a sure-fire answer, you've got to be careful about stating what you are going to do and how you're going to do it because you're cutting somebody out," Patterson said. "You recruit all good players; recruit anyone that can help you be better at what you do; even if they take a starters place. That's what you're looking for."


A few weeks ago Patterson told the media that if he were to make changes in the offseason to his staff it would be a quick change. He reiterated that statement again on Wednesday when asked if/when changes would take place.

"It will be sooner than later," Patterson said. "But not so quick you make a mistake."


TCU is having a "purple out" on Saturday and there's a special incentive for Frog fans who don the color. Any fan wearing purple can sit in the eastside lower bowl of the stadium; best known as the student section, for the Baylor game. Regardless of where your ticket is in the stadium, even SRO, wear purple and you have the chance to sit right behind the Baylor bench. Just wear purple. There is one catch; the deal is first come, first serve. So, get in early for a great seat.

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