Tretola Breaks Down TCU Visit

TCU hosted Iowa Western JC lineman Sebastian Tretola this weekend. Come inside to see what he had to say about his time in Fort Worth.

It's no secret that TCU needs to shore up the offensive line before next season. After a season long nightmare (except for last night's game with Baylor), the offensive line is in need of a major overhaul and the Frogs are hoping to see their fortunes change with a strong 2014 class. Sebastian Tretola is one of their remaining targets and here's what he had to say about his visit.

"I liked it a lot" said the big lineman. "It's a real tight knit community first of all and everybody's involved and they all love the football team."

"The football team is great and Coach Patterson obviously knows how to win" he said. "He's a great guy and we were over at his house and we talked a lot and I got a great vibe from all the coaches."

That's good news for Frog fans because Tretola had mentioned before his visit that the most important thing to him was connecting with the coaching staff. Well, it sounds like he did that in a big way. However, he wasn't finished there. Tretola compared Coach Patterson to his old coach, Nevada's Chris Ault.

"I like Coach Patterson a lot" he said, "Coming from Nevada with Coach Ault and that type of old school kind of coach that's got his ways locked in has his coaches that have been with him for 10-15 years, it keeps tradition and I fixed in on that."

"I'm a huge fan of the two coaches I'll be working with the most, Coach Anderson and Coach Williamson, I really like both of them."

After giving glowing remarks about the coaching staff, the Iowa Western JC big man let us in on a little secret about one of his favorite places to eat.

"Fort Worth seems like a very active area, you know they got six flags out here" he said. "They've got Whataburger out here, which I'm a big fan of, so all of that good stuff so I definitely enjoyed it, it was a great visit."

With Baylor in town, Tretola had the opportunity to catch a TCU game as they squared off with one of their most hated Rivals. From the sound of things, Tretola liked what he saw.

"I liked it a lot" he said. "The stadium seats about 50,000 to 55,000 and it was sold out."

"It got real loud so that was nice" said Tretola. "Just the feel there with all of the tailgating, even though I won't experience that, but just the overall feel was nuts; it was great."

The big lineman is set to sign with the college of his choice in mid December and it looks like the Frogs are right in the thick of the hunt.

While Tretola didn't mention favorites, he said he's enjoyed all of his visits to date and has one more planned, to Arkansas, before he makes his decision. His other visits have been to Texas Tech, Oklahoma, South Florida and of course TCU, all of which have offered.

"Honestly, getting a chance to do the whole recruiting process thing over again, I'm making sure I don't put all my eggs in one basket" he said. "My eyes are open to all options and I've liked all of my visits so far so we're going to see where it goes."

"We're going to take this last one and go home and make a decision" he said. "Really the vibe is the biggest thing, like the feeling I had when I went to each school."

He went on to describe in more detail how he'll know which school is right for him.

"I'm going to take everything into account and talk it over with my mom and my little brother and sister about it and I'll know; you just get that feeling" he said. "Of course on your official visits, you hear all the positives and they feed you food until you almost die and it's all good and gravy, but at the end of the day, when the spider webs come out, you know it's who's got the least amount."

He finished by saying "I'm not worried about it, it's going to figure itself out."

With decision day just around the corner, stay logged on to to see where the big lineman decides to call home for the next two years.

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