TCU Staff Leaving No Stone Unturned

The TCU Horned Frogs staff is leaving no stone unturned now that they've hired a new offensive coordinator and are working with a full staff. With that, a new name has popped up on the radar screen, his name, Ryan Griswold. The 6'5" 250 OT from Pearland is a current Boise State commit.

While missing a bowl game for the first time since 2004 is certainly bad news, the silver lining is that the staff has had more time out on the recruiting trail. Will it pay off? We'll know in February, but one thing is certain, they're working their tails off.

New offensive coordinator Doug Meacham is already hard at work at even though he hasn't actually spoken with the Pearland offensive lineman, he's reached out to get a little more info on the intriguing prospect.

A current commit to Boise State, Ryan Griswold says things have been interesting since Chris Peterson took the University of Washington head coaching position.

"It kind of made me wonder if I still had a spot at Boise and where my future was" said the young prospect. "But right now, they're saying that they're still committed to me so I guess it's not too big of a deal."

With offers from Boise State, Houston, Air Force and Louisiana Tech, the lean lineman is also hearing from Fresno State, Texas State and Illinois.

"Coach Meacham said he's interested and he asked for my information, but I haven't heard back from them yet."

If TCU were to extend an offer, would the Boise State commit have second thoughts about his decision?

"I could possibly be interested in a TCU offer" said Griswold. "I actually watched their game against LSU and I've always thought of them as a pretty good team over the years."

"They looked really good against LSU" he said. "They're a really good SEC team and TCU held in there with them; even though they didn't get the win, their offense looked really strong and their defense looks stacked."

At 6'5" and 250 pounds, there my be some concern about Griswold gaining the weight necessary to play at the level of a Big 12 program. Griswold doesn't see an issue with it at all.

"I'm 250 right now but after my offseason here this year and after a year in a college program, I think I could be 285" he said. "As far as the kind of player I am, I like the power game but I can do the finesse game too."

When asked to describe himself in one word he didn't hesitate.

"Athletic" he said.

With signing day just around the corner, TCU will continue to look for anyone that can help them as they begin their climb back to relevance in the college football world again.

A player like Griswold could be the diamond in the rough type of player that they've built into stars in the past. Stay logged on to to see if they make a move and extend an offer to the Pearland product.

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