TCU Falling Behind with Lockhart

The TCU Horned Frogs offered Ennis' James Lockhart early in the process but have fallen behind other programs in the hunt for the 2015 phenom. has the latest inside.

Whatever positive impression TCU made on James Lockhart early on in the process seems to be waning at this point and time. caught up with the highly touted DE prospect to get the latest with the #21 ranked DE in the class of 2105.

"Things have picked up since the summer" said Lockhart as he described the recent recruiting attention. "It's been kind of quiet, but here soon I'm fixing to send them my junior highlights so hopefully it will start picking up again."

What seems like quiet for Lockhart would be welcomed by many other recruits. The difference is, when you hold 12 offers and you haven't even completed your junior year yet, it can seem that way if things lull for a month or two.

"I have 12 offers right now" said Lockhart. "I'm going to try to name the last five to offer me."

"Oregon State, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Mississippi and Oklahoma State are the last five that I can remember."

With offers from some of the most elite programs in the country, Lockhart would be a major coup for TCU if they were to somehow pull him in. The problem is, TCU's 2013 on-field performance has left the Ennis star with a negative view of what's going on in Fort Worth.

"I talked to Gary Patterson a little over the Christmas holiday but other than that, I haven't really talked to TCU much" When asked if TCU was still a program that he had interest in, he didn't pull any punches.

"Oh, I don't know man because of how they did this season" he said. "They didn't really win enough games for me so I don't know really."

"I mean, I've still got plenty of time to actually make my commitment so hopefully they'll do better this season and maybe they can catch my interest again but right now not really."

With some recruits, you might hear what they think you want to hear, but not with Lockhart. He feels like it's best to be honest with each program due to the sheer number of programs he's attempting to wade through.

After a solid junior season, the 6'4" 255 pound DE is looking forward to the recruiting process heating up again.

"I'm up to 255 pounds now but it's healthy weight" he said. "We had a great year as a team, with both my coaches and my teammates and we played out butts off the whole season."

"We worked hard and it was a fun ride but hopefully we'll make it all the way next year."

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