Stidham Listening to TCU

The TCU Horned Frogs have made Stephenville's Jarrett Stidham their top QB priority for the class of 2015. caught up to the talented signal caller and he broke down his recruitment as it currently stands.

The TCU Horned Frogs have made it clear that Jarrett Stidham is a priority as the staff paid a visit to the Stephenville High School star. From the sound of it, Stidham was impressed by the interaction.

"They came by Thursday" said Stidham. "Coach Cumbie and Coach Patterson came by and Coach Cumbie said he's going to come back tomorrow maybe, or sometime this week."

"I'm definitely interested in what they have to say" he said. "Me and Coach Cumbie are really close from when he was at Tech; me and him have a really good relationship."

With a bond already built with Cumbie, TCU can focus on promoting the benefits of staying home and playing at TCU. Growing up just 80 miles from the TCU campus, Stidham is very familiar with the Horned Frog program and says he knows what they're all about.

"I know Coach Patterson is really good with the defense" he said. "Back when they had Andy Dalton and all those guys, they had a really good offense."

"The offense hasn't been as good the past couple of years because of injuries with Pachall and all that stuff but they have a good scheme. With the new offensive coordinator coming in from Houston and with Coach Cumbie's mindset, I think it's going to really open up their offense."

Obviously, the young man knows, in depth, what's transpiring in Fort Worth. He's keeping a close eye on the situation and says he thinks the offense could be special.

Even if it doesn't work this first year, it will eventually come along" said Stidham. "The quarterbacks have to learn a new system so it will take a while to kind of get it down but I know with Coach Cumbie, with him being at Tech and being under Kingsbury, he has a good plan and a good mindset of what he wants to accomplish with the quarterbacks. I know their offensive coordinator is ready to get going too so I think it's going to be really good."

Holding offers from some of the top programs in the country, including TCU, Texas, Texas A&M, Tennessee, Oklahoma State, Michigan and more Stidham says learning under a good quarterback coach is very important to him. With Cumbie ready to lead the charge, Stidham is intrigued.

"It's definitely a big deal to learn under a guy like him" he said. "Just because he knows exactly what I'm going through and he can relate. And I like that he's pretty young, that's even better."

"I mean, it's definitely a pro for the whole situation, especially when he's played and knows how it is."

While Stidham wants to weigh his options before jumping to a quick decision, he's closely monitoring the paradigm shift of TCU's offense. The way he sees it, the Frogs could have just found the missing link that helps them return to national prominence in 2014 and beyond.

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