Postgame reactions as KU downs TCU

Kansas upended TCU on Saturday night, avenging their loss from a season ago at Daniel-Meyer Coliseum. Bill Self, Trent Johnson, Amric Fields and Karviar Shepherd talk about the action.

No fans were storming the court at TCU on Saturday night.

  The eighth ranked Kansas Jayhawks (15-4, 6-0) attacked a smaller, less physical TCU (9-10, 0-7) roster en route to a 91-69 win. 

TCU was riddled with foul problems in the first half that led to both Jarvis Ray and Karviar Shepherd only playing eight minutes. With their starting front court on the bench, Kansas fed its star freshmen.

Joel Embiid finished with 14 points and six rebounds while fellow freshman Andrew Wiggins led the Jayhawks with 27, 19 of which came in the first half. 

Trent Johnson:

?On Kansas overall: They are really good. It's hard to find a weakness. They don't have very many. We were down 10 with 10 minutes left in the first half, and we shot it quick, and they ran out on us...They compete hard on every possession. That's something I respect.

On his team's ability to compete with KU: We're not deep enough and where we need to be to compete with a team like that. We need a few more bodies. I'll be very very surprised if they are not [alive] in April. Bill's teams are always focus. They are caught up in competing first possession to last possession. That has been a well oiled machine.

On why Kansas has improved: The bottom line of why they are so much better is Tharpe. In my shallow opinion, they have six pros, but they play the game right. They play hard. They play together.

On Wiggins: I'd seen him before...Andrew is so humble. He lets the game come to himself.

On first half foul trouble: Karviar got two, and if you play him, that would have been a bad predicament. They ran out on him before I could even think about him getting back in. It was unfortunate for Karviar because he was engaged. In the limited amount of time he had, I thought he played well.

Bill Self

On how he feels about this game versus the last time they played in Fort Worth: Better. Last year, we didn't leave out of here very happy. TCU whipped us. They were better than us lsat year. We tried hard defensively that first half, and got a nice cushion.

On Wiggins' performance: It was one of his more aggressive games. He was thirsty to score in the first half which is what we want. I thought Andrew played well. I thought our entire team played well and moved the ball as well as we have.

On Wiggins adapting to expectations: He just needs to relax and be him. He never got lost today. He was able to put his handprint all over the possession, and create opportunities for himself and every one else...Anything less than 30 and 10 is not going to live up to the hype.

On Wiggins' assertiveness: He frustrates me sometimes because he is so soft-s[ken and well mannered. He's a nice guy and such a nice teammate. He is not one of those outwardly aggressive guys that would yell at a teammate. He is just a nice guy and a great teammate. When he doesn't do those things, people think why doesn't he do those things, and that's just not him.

On Perry Ellis: I thought Perry was the best he's been on the glass in a while, but gah, he missed some easy shots. I would sell out for that line for him any day because that's something we're gonna have to have for him.

On Naadir Tharpe being KU's x-factor: Prior to tonight I would agree. Naadir has been great. Now tonight he's been great. He's played real well, and he's been a good leader for our young kids.

On his team's preparedness: I think we were probably more ready to play because of what happened last year. I think we played with as much energy in the first half tonight as we did at Iowa State.

On Embiid: He has to get stronger, and he gets too many balls knocked out of his hands. He and Wigs and Wayne have another big step to take this year to have a good season.

Karviar Shepherd:

On Embiid: He's a good player. We attacked each other. Every game is an experience to take and and try to do better. I'll watch tape and see what I can do to improve. Everybody can be contained, so I feel like I can do better.

On what TCU needs to improve on: Toughness, especially on rebounding. On the defensive end, we let them get too deep. We can't let them get all the way to the paint and dishing and scoring. We have to do our best to step up our intensity on rebounding and defense.

Amric Fields:

On if KU is the most talented team they have faced: I would say so. Them and OSU are pretty talented. They have someone at every position that can attack you.

On TCU's mindset: We are just trying to get better every day. We're trying to find that formula to win, and we'll find it eventually.

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