Abercrumbia Holds Five Offers

Dallas (TX) Skyline defensive tackle Zach Abercrumbia is up to five offers.

Dallas (TX) Skyline defensive tackle Zach Abercrumbia has seen his recruitment take off in recent weeks and it should only start to grow once his team starts spring ball.

The 6-foot-3, 255-pounder has five offers on the table from TCU, Texas Tech, Texas State, Washington State and most recently Oregon State. Others including Oklahoma State and Iowa State have shown strong interest in the defensive playmaker.

"It's going pretty good; Washington State offered me a couple of Monday's ago and Oregon State offered me last Monday," he said. "I've been talking a lot recently with Oklahoma State; I talk with their defensive line coach on Twitter. I've also been talking with Iowa State and the reason I've been talking to them is because the d-line coach from Louisiana Tech went to Iowa State. When he was at Louisiana Tech he was talking to me. He's been writing me a lot of handwritten letters."

The last visit for Abercrumbia came a few weeks ago when he visited Texas Tech. Although it was a long trip to Lubbock, driving hours through the night, Abercrumbia said the visit was very eye-opening.

"The last visit I took was to Texas Tech on the 22nd," he said. "It was great; everything was good. They had a great atmosphere and it was a small junior day so everything was pretty much one-on-one with the position coach. It was a real nice school. It was a long ride, but once we got there everything was around Tech. It's a nice college town. Even the cities outside of Tech were supportive of Tech."

TCU was the first program to extend an offer to Abercrumbia back in January. He says he continues to communicate as much as he can with the TCU coaches.

"Actually Coach Patterson started following me on Twitter so we've been talking on Twitter," he said. "I try to coach Luper at least one time a week. Other than that, we pretty much message on Twitter."

Among the topics Abercrumbia and the coaches have is getting him back on campus. He visited twice in January and hopes to make the drive west to attend a Frogs' spring practice.

"Every time I talk with them, they tell me that after spring break that I can come up and watch a practice anytime," he said. "I'm definitely going to do that, especially with how close it is. I'm definitely going to try to visit for a practice and maybe the spring scrimmage."

In addition to a possible TCU visit, Abercrumbia also has hopes of visiting a couple more programs in the coming weeks.

"Oklahoma State invited me to another junior day in April and Texas State also wants me to come down to watch their spring practice as well," he said. "I'll visit Texas State sometime in March and Oklahoma State maybe in April."

Abercrumbia is rated as the No. 28 defensive tackle prospect in the nation by Scout.com.

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