The inevitable ending

TCU was bounced early from the Big 12 Conference Tournament in Kansas City on Wednesday night. From start to finish, the season was a series of missteps and unfortunate accidents.

Like a boxer who has taken a beating for 10 rounds and finally falls or like a car that has been repeatedly wrecked and breaks down, TCU basketball's season came to its inevitable end on Wednesday night in Kansas City.

The Frogs fell to the Baylor Bears by a score of 76-68 in the first round in the Big 12 tournament.

Injuries, attrition and a lackluster offense brought an end to a season that wasn't.

Trent Johnson paced the sidelines with the same energy that he had for a team bound to the NCAA tournament, and his players fought admirably for their coach that demands nothing but their best.

A winless run through the Big 12 conference is not the vision that Trent Johnson had for his second season in Fort Worth.

With a roster featuring four solid freshmen and a returning junior, Amric Fields, Johnson had to have believed that this season was bound to be more successful than his first a TCU when the Frogs won just two conference games.

However, a trip to Canada derailed any hopes of depth that the Frogs had as posts DeVonta Abron and Aaron Durley were lost for the year. Add in the fact that Amric Fields never got healthy.

Junior point guard Kyan Anderson was only light that shone brightly for TCU, and Anderson was named honorable mention All-Big 12. He averaged 17 points and 4.4 assists per game.

Now the Frogs focus on getting better. Sure they were competitive in most games, but they cannot get any least record-wise.

The Frogs have the talent to vastly improve in 2014-2015. Trey Ziegler, Amric Fields, Devonta Abron and Chris Washburn will all serve as solid additions to the roster, assuming they are healthy.

All signee Chauncey Collins does is score, and the coaching staff will add at least one more member to the 2014 signing class (likely a junior college prospect).

The roster will look vastly different if the Frogs are healthy next year.

But as all involved with the TCU program learned this year, that's a big if.

So for now, take a sigh of relief, Frog fans. For all intents and purposes, TCU's record is now reset to 0-0.

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