Tuesday Practice Report

Gary Patterson's squad wrapped up their 13th practice of the spring on Tuesday, and they will finish their spring sessions on Saturday with a practice that is open to the public.

TCU has just two spring practices left--Thursday and Saturday--before players and coaches part ways until fall camp.

Tuesday marked the second practice in three days where the newly installed TCU offense played well.

"Offense did well. They won in red zone, and then the rest of the scrimmage, defense did," Gary Patterson said Tuesday.

The only area of concern for Patterson's defense is the cornerback position where Kevin White is dinged up.

"He and Sam [Carter] will be out for the rest of the spring, so we have to play better at the corner position," Patterson said. "We've gotten better offensive-wise. There is a confidence level. We have to have more depth at wide receiver, but our offensive line is better...we're bigger and stronger."

Patterson has praised the new offensive system numerous times for giving the defense a look similar to the one that the Frogs face weekly in the Big 12.

"The key for us is to understand that we have to go score points, and we have to play well [on defense] in the red zone," Patterson explained.

As for the quarterback position, Patterson said each player has continued to improve, but one skill separates the starter from the other two.

"Trevone creates a big problem being able to take off and run. He causes big problems," Patterson said.

Primarily, Tyler Matthews is pushing Boykin, and Matthews had an efficient scrimmage on Saturday. He finished 17-20 according to Patterson.

"You have to make first downs. When you want to go fast-paced, you have to make first downs because if not your defense is back on the field, and life is no good. We've got a long way to go. It's just pure reaction. You've got people that have been running this for 15 years, and we've been running it for 13 practices.

"We've got to run the football better, and we have to be more efficient. Everything in this offense is about execution."

Patterson hopes that the freshmen that come on campus in the fall will learn the offense more quickly that the players have this spring. The reason: players can now teach other players.

"It's going to be easier for these guys to teach these new guys comparatively to the guys in the spring because everyone was learning," Patterson said. "The wide receivers that come in in the summer have people that can teach them. The quarterbacks have been here watching practices, and both of them have played kinda in this system so they understand it."

Three scholarship running backs continue to sit out with injuries, but competition continues at the wide receiver position.

"Doctson really had a great week this week," Patterson said. "Him and Kolby Listenbee, to be honest with you, have been the two guys that have stood out."

With just two short practices left, many out-standing position battles will carry over to the fall. Patterson told the media that the open practice on Saturday will not be long, but he felt it was a necessity for recruiting. To have people in the stadium and a buzz around the field was a must.

Other notes:

Devonte Fields has stood out on the defensive line, but Patterson worries about Terrell Lathan not being about to practice in the Spring.

GP expects Davion Pierson and Chuck Hunter to be two of the better DTs in the Big 12.

Patterson said he has confidence in just three linebackers currently. Paul Whitmill and Sammy Douglass need to continue their growth, and GP expects both Vin Ascolese and Ty Summers to compete for the fourth spot in the rotation as well.

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