Decision Nearing For DFW DT

The TCU Horned Frogs are one of the final 4 schools for the talented DT, Zach Abercrumbia. The 6'3" 260 pound lineman breaks down his coming decision with HFB.

Zach Abercrumbia is getting close to a decision. The 6'3" 260 pound defensive tackle prospect, ranked #28 in the country at his position, spoke with to give us the latest.

"Right now, I'm just taking in all the schools that are coming into contact with me" said Abercrumbia. "I've really just been reaching out to all of the schools that have offered me and shown me a lot of interest."

"I really do want to make a decision soon but I want to wait until after our spring has ended" he said. "I think more schools will come into contact with me during the spring but I really want to stay with the schools that have been with me since day one."

With 7 offers on the table, the talented defender says unlike other prospects that "play the field" after committing, he will stay true to the school he decides on.

"At that point, I'll be done" said the Dallas Skyline star. "I know everything is a business, but I feel like loyalty is one of my biggest things."

"If I'm going to be committed to a school, I'm going to be committed all the way. I know that other schools will come into contact with me when I commit, and I'll be cordial, but I'll still be 100% committed to wherever I choose to go."

Sounding like a breath of fresh air, Abercrumbia continued about the topic. He says there are a lot of reasons that other prospects look around after being committed to a certain school, none of which he agrees with.

"I think it all has to do with people trying to get over, trying to get over on the process but in the end, you do this for one reason. You do this for the love of the game" he said. "That's how I was raised, just be loyal because at the end of the day, when your back is against the wall, your word is all you got."

"The other thing is the attention(from social media)" he said. "All attention isn't necessarily good attention. I see it like this; this is not only my future, but this is coach's jobs and there's a lot of other people that are affected."

"When I make my decision, even if people don't like, at least they'll respect it. They'll have no choice but to respect it because I don't beat around the bush with them" he said. "This way, there's no questioning how I feel and it's better for schools to know how I feel and how to pursue me rather than have them thinking I feel one way when I really don't."

With a solid grasp of the process and just what a commitment means, Abercrumbia says right now, there are four particular schools that stand out to him.

"I really like TCU and Texas Tech, those are the ones I know the most about and those are the ones that I visited that have offered me" he said. "Then from information from different sources, I feel like Wake Forest and Oregon State would be two good schools to consider."

"Oregon State's profile is getting bigger in football and Wake Forest's education can set you up for life after football" said Abercrumbia.

"There's a lot of stories out there where kids go to college, or the league, and yeah they're good, but they don't have a plan B "he said. "That's one thing my parents taught me from the beginning, even before I started getting a lot of offers; you must have a plan B and prepare for life after football."

Clearly a level headed thinker, Abercrumbia finished with this.

"Football programs can go up and down from year to year but one thing that pretty much stays the same is the level of academic excellence" he said. "That's why I'm really big on the education part of it and one of the reasons I've been in love with TCU from the beginning. Not only do they play in the Big 12 and you get to play high profile games and get exposure, but you get a private school education and a lot of one on one attention from your professors. When you have a good experience in your classes, and the campus life is good, I feel like the two can combine to make me a better player on the field."

"If I feel like life is good in my classes and on campus, then ultimately I'll be a better player. That's one of the reasons TCU is so high on my list."

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