Big Week for Iwuagwu spoke with Westfield offensive lineman Cordel Iwuagwu from Spring, Texas after a spring practice. From the time of the interview to when this was written, lost has changed for this talented lineman. He shares the details here.

This week has been tough on Spring (Tex.) Westfield offensive lineman Cordel Iwuagwu. While his teammates are out knocking each other's heads around, Iwuagwu has been nursing an injury. All while several college coaches have travel through the doors of that program in hopes of finding the players needed to add to their college rosters for the next couple of years. 

But for Iwuagwu, this is where things have not been bad at all. In fact, it could actually be his best week yet.

"I have offers from Iowa State, Nevada and Houston, and I got Purdue this morning."

This was what the 6-foot-3, 285-pound Iwuagwu said on Monday evening. By the end of the week, things had drastically changed. 

According to the high school coach of Iwuagwu, TCU, Northwestern, Fresno State, Tulsa, Louisiana-Lafayette and Tulane have all extended offers as of this past week.

What are the coaches seeing in Iwuagwu to draw all of this attention?

"I'm real explosive off the ball. I power clean 315, and I just broke a record the other day," Iwuagwu said. "I can also hold my own in the pass rush."

Iwuagwu continued as he shared some of the feedback he has been getting here as of late.

"I played on the strong side and we ran to my side mostly. I gave up no sacks and I had a pretty good season," Iwuagwu said. "I was told I was being recruited for the interior, so strong guard or quick guard. Either works for me, but I prefer the strong."

So far through the process, Iwuagwu has made two trips: Texas and Houston. He gave high praise to both stops. And even though things in recruiting can change by the second, Iwuagwu said that he is still looking over all options as it pertains to his recruitment.

Even more so, he's not sure where his next stop will be either.

"I'm in the running for everyone and still looking around. I have no idea where I'm going next," Iwuagwu said. "I need to get with my parents. They're schedule is real tight and I'm not sure how all of that will work."

Iwuagwu said that in another week or two he should be back ready to get to work as he gets over his injury, which he said was a left shoulder sprain. He has been diligent in his treatments and said when he returns that working on his run blocking will be one of the first things he addresses.

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