Fall Preview: Euless Trinity

Scout spoke with Euless (Texas) Trinity head coach Steve Lineweaver to get an early preview of the Trojans' team. Here are a few quick facts to know...

Trinity's offense is under the leadership of senior offensive lineman Patrick Vahe, who is committed to Texas: "Patrick will certainly bring leadership to this team. Not 'c'mon guys' leadership, but leadership by example. Everything I have seen from Patrick, who will be a three year starter for me, leaves me to expect that he will be exceptional in his leadership by example.

"He'll certainly bring some physical talents to Texas: his size, his quickness. But he'll also bring the know how. I think we have a really good offensive line coach, one of the best around. I think Patrick will be well prepared to go to the University of Texas. Coach Wickline is pretty good pals with our line coach and they talk football all the time and are on the same page. Patrick off the field, in the locker room, is a real strength, too. He's a thankful child. He wakes up with a thank you attitude. He loves life. He enjoys everyone. He's going to be a really addition to any college campus," said Lineweaver.

There are two senior defensive linemen to keep an eye on: Tipa Galea'i, who holds Utah, Utah State, Houston, and North Texas offers and William Finau.: Tipa is a defensive end, pass rusher. He brings speed off the edge and really brings good body language. He really loves the game. His older brother, Junior, is going to Oklahoma State. This spring, a lot of coaches wanted to know about him. He's an excellent deep snapper, and that always gets the attention of the coaches. It's kind of like getting two players for one because of his talents for snapping on punts and extra points.

"William is another defensive guy we've been really pleased with. He's physically gotten bigger since last year and he's proven difficult for our offense to block this spring, so we have some good things happening at the defensive front," said Lineweaver.

Under the radar receiver Markis McCray could have a big fall: "Markis is a receiver who people may not know about because he was primarily a running back last fall. He's an excellent track guy, a speed guy and long jumper. He has good hands and is going to be really good for us when we get the ball to him," said Lineweaver.

There are a few talented underclassmen (all 2016 prospects) to keep an eye on this year: "Chris Daniels is a really good athlete at the defensive tackle position. He's 6-foot-4, 280-pounds and he can move. He has some offers already, like TCU and Western Michigan. He had one coming out of the ninth grade.

"Running back Ja'Ron Wilson has great strength. He's not very big, but he just runs through arms very well. He has great vision. It's almost like his eyes are by his ears; he can see when to cut sideways and get the gaps, even when the blocking isn't there for him.

"Tyler Natee was a big time fullback for us last year, but we're going to experiment with him at quarterback. He's built like a fullback, but he has the touch and leadership for the quarterback position. He's going to be fun to watch," said Lineweaver.

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