Hines seriously considering SMU

Demetrio caught up with 2017 linebacker Anthony Hines, who remains very interested in SMU, even with his decision over two years away.

It is easy to forget that Anthony Hines is only fifteen years old. With a six-foot-two, two hundred and twenty pound frame, the outside linebacker from Plano East not only looks like a grown man, he carries himself like one too.

It is not every day that a kid finds himself sitting on top of over fifty scholarship offers from colleges all around the country, a little over two months after completing his freshman year of high school.

Despite the huge amount of success he has experienced, Hines stays grounded.

“It’s not as overwhelming as you might think,” he said. “I put it aside and focus on what it is I got to do.”

What he has got to do, is play football and after one season, Hines has convinced top collegiate programs that he can do just that.

He is just entering his sophomore year of high school, but he essentially can choose from any college in the country that he wants. And somewhere, in the mountain of offers, in between Notre Dame and Mississippi State, SMU has found itself in the running for the 2017 commit.

“The campus is extremely close to home- which is a good thing,” Hines said. “And I want to major in business, and SMU has one of the best business schools in the country. So, I am taking SMU’s offer very seriously.”

Another possible explanation to why Hines is heavily considering SMU, among some of his elite suitors, is his close relationship with SMU assistant coach and defensive coordinator Tom Mason.

According to Hines, Mason came to a couple of his practices before his freshman season ended. Hines also says that he is in contact with Mason on an almost weekly basis.

Fifty- some-odd offers are all well and good, but Hines still has three years to prove he can perform at a constantly high level. So, this summer, he has spent his days working with his team trainers to improve his explosiveness as he is gearing up for his first year with Plano East.

Amidst all his offseason efforts to improve his game, Hines has taken time to visit the campuses of South Carolina, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Wake Forest, Tennessee, Ohio State, and Michigan.

He hasn’t forgotten about SMU though, and says he plans to visit the Hilltop on Sep. 20, when SMU hosts Texas A&M.

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