Frogs Report To Camp

The TCU football team reported to fall camp on Sunday. The Frogs' first practice for the 2014 season is set for Monday.

The TCU 2014 football season officially began on Sunday as coaches and players reported on Sunday. The first practice for the Frogs will be on Monday afternoon.

TCU head coach Gary Patterson met with the media for roughly thirty minutes on Sunday to address everything from starting quarterback, new offense, Devonte Fields status and much more. was in attendance and breaks down what the coach had to say.


“It’s our third season in the Big 12; overall our football team is probably the oldest we’ve been since the Rose Bowl, the 2010 season. It’s probably the most depth we’ve had so we’ll see what that all means as we go forward.”

Where do you see your team needing to make the most headway as the season starts?

“Obviously at quarterback you’ve got to find yourself a starter and find a replacement for Jason Verrett. But both places we have a lot of depth and bodies that have a lot of potential. That’s a good thing.”

Does Trevone (Boykin) come in as a starter?

“There’s no starter; those guys will take the number one reps but through the first two weeks everyone has an opportunity and we have five guys. Everybody will get an opportunity to show what they’ve got.”

Are there advantages of Joeckel being an older player?

Patterson says Joeckel already knows TCU's new offense

“I don’t know what the advantage is, but he obviously understands the offense. We haven’t been in a team setting and he’s going into a new team. Obviously he’s older and graduated. We’ll see how it all works out.”

What are some of the advantages an older team can give you?

“They’re more rested. They don’t overreact, they didn’t have to go to summer school for eligibility and they’re working toward degrees. Our senior class out of fourteen, nine or ten guys will have their TCU degree (in December).”

How much does the experience help the offensive line?

”There’s really going to be a chance to have four new guys; Joseph Noteboom is a redshirt freshman, Tayo Fabuluje comes back. For them (linemen) it’s a little bit different because it’s a new offense and they only got 15 practices in the spring but we’re bigger. Besides the center position you might have four new starters on the offensive line; we felt like he had to get bigger. But this will be one of the better competitions we’ve had at offensive line since 2010 just far as numbers and body sizes. You’ve got a chance to put at least four out of the five guys on the offensive line that will be 6-6 to 6-8 and 330 to 360 pounds.”

Offensive line isn’t an area where coaches like a lot of chance at one time?

“We weren’t happy with the offensive line that we had a year ago; that’s one of the reasons we didn’t run the ball as well as we needed to.”

Do you have enough wide receiver talent and depth to make this new offense work?

“I hope so; I think eventually there’s no doubt about it. We didn’t feel like we had a go to guy a year ago so somebody is going to have to emerge from the new guys plus the old guys that were here. There’s nobody in the league that has a 10.17 sprinter like Kolby Listenbee; he’s one of the fastest guys in college football. Deante’ Gray was a 10.3 100-meter guy. They play faster when they know what they are doing.”

Is the point of this offense more plays and more points?

“The point of this offense is to win. One more point. The key to it is, you can look at Baylor and Oklahoma State is to run the ball. If you’ve got people that can stretch people out and you can’t put as many people in the box it becomes easier to run the football. It comes down to making plays.

Patterson says Boykin will still get reps in other areas

“We feel like we have a chance to be better on the offensive line, we have a chance to be better at tailback because of injuries. If Trevone can play some wideout obviously he makes us better at that position but right now he’s pushing to be the starting quarterback but he’ll probably take some reps in practice doing the other things.”

What do you think Joeckel’s maturity will bring to the position?

“He’s already ran the offense and been through a chance just like his brother. He also is a guy that can throw the football and brings a competitive level to Trevone. Trevone is down to 205 (pounds), he’s probably the best looking I’ve seen him be since he’s been here. Plus the other two or three guys can spin it also.”

What’s your position on quarterback by committee?

“It could be, but I don’t think that works very well. After two weeks you’ve got to really narrow it down especially this year. You’re probably going to decide who the two are for game one, then you’ll have two weeks of getting better and it could be those two change by game two and those two could chance by game three. That’s just for the simple reason that we only play three games in five weeks; I’ve never been in a situation where we had two off weeks to where you’re only playing three ball games in five weeks. It will probably help our offense; I haven’t decided if it will help our defense or not.”

Is there anything new on the Devonte Fields situation?

“Right now I don’t have any more information on it until they decide as a university and we can go forward as a football team.”

Why do you have two new coordinators instead of one?

“Number one, if one leaves for a job then you would have no one that has any of the knowledge. Coach Meacham will be our number one play caller. You put two together it makes it better. Coach Meacham was an offensive lineman and Sonny was a quarterback and obviously the quarterback that scored the most points against TCU since I’ve been here back in 2004. It was good for us recruiting wise and relating to the players in Texas.”

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