Joeckel Ready To Compete

New TCU quarterback Matt Joeckel met with the media for the first time on Sunday as the Frogs reported for fall camp.

TCU added a big time addition to their team in June when former Texas A&M quarterback Matt Joeckel announced his intentions to transfer to TCU.

Joeckel met with the media for the first time on Sunday as he and the rest of the Horned Frogs reported for fall camp.

TCU recruited Joeckel when he was a highly-sought after quarterback out of Arlington High. On Sunday, he revealed why he chose the Frogs the second time around.

"TCU has always been on my mind; my sister came here and when I was getting recruited I looked hard at TCU," he said. "It was an opportunity of playing close to home and also being in a place where I didn't have to relearn an entire new offense; I just had to learn different forms of it and being able to play with a great defense and great coaches and teammates."

With the Frogs unveiling a new offense this season, an offense that Joeckel already had a familiarity with, the move to TCU made perfect sense.

"I'm comfortable with it, I've been doing it a while," Joeckel said. "There's a few different wrinkles and stuff like that but it's something I'm used to. I feel like through the first days of camp I'll be able to operate it successfully."

Like he was at A&M, Joeckel will be in a heated battle to take over the reins in Ft. Worth.

"I just want to operate and do my job; I know what kind of quarterback I am," he said. "I just want to be the best quarterback I can be and be a good leader of this team."

Many feel Joeckel has the edge at quarterback leading into fall practices due to the similarities in offense A&M ran and what TCU will run this fall. Joeckel has been through a similar change before when the Aggies moved from a play-action type offense to a more up-tempo style under Kevin Sumlin.

"It's just being fluid with it and operate it quickly," he said of the differences. "It takes more practice and being experts at it. You just want to be able to do it as fast as you can and having guys all on the same page. That's what it takes."

See more of Joeckel's time with the media in the video below.

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