Patterson Big 12 Teleconference Transcript

TCU opens their 2014 season this Saturday against Samford. TCU head coach Gary Patterson fielded questions from the media on Monday during the Big 12 coaches' teleconference.

Thoughts on Tayo Fabuluje’s return and impact this season…

“He’s down in the 350’s and he’s really moving well. He’s a huge body; he’s one of those guys that if he stays healthy and keeps working the way that he is he’s going to be a guy that those guys at the next level are going to look at. As a person, Tayo is a good friend of mine and good to talk to. There was a little bit of confusion of what was right and wrong and better for him. We’re glad he’s back at TCU.”

“He’s had a great camp; he’s working out extra with our strength coaches to make sure they get his weight down. He’s really helped us. We had to get bigger up front and he’s a guy that can move and he’s almost 6-foot-8 and 360-pounds.”

Who do you anticipate on being your starting quarterback on Saturday?

“When we run out you’ll see when they run out in the huddle.”

When you’re trying to assess your team’s performance, what stat do you look at most closely?

“One more point. It doesn’t do us any good to have lost four or five games last year by 11 points; you’ve got to find a way to score one more point. Everyone looks at the end of season and they look at wins and losses. We as coaches know whether we lived up to our potential or not. For us, that’s how you get judged. Did you win enough to go to a bowl game or play for a championship? That’s been the goal; to get back to playing Horned Frog football.”

Leading up to less than a week into the first game, has hiring Doug Meacham and Sonny Cumbie worked out as much as you hoped at least up to this point?

“To be honest, it’s been great. I think they’re keep refining what they want as they go forward but it’s been fun to watch. They’ve given us a lot of trouble in the red-zone in the scrimmages we’ve had. It’s been fun; we’ve been able to work and do the things we need to do. It’s been great; they work really well together and it’s fun to watch. It’s been refreshing.”

What areas of the team do you feel good about going into the season and what would be your biggest concern?

“The quarterback position obviously because you have a new offense and you wonder how they’ll handle game time. I think finding a go-to receiver; we’ve got some guys that have stepped up and I think we’re going to play better at that position. We’re going to play better on the offensive line from where we were a year ago. We’ve stayed healthy for the most part at running back and we have some good players there. I think we’ve grown in all of those areas since the spring; we’re better than we were at the end of spring.”

“Defensively, you have to replace Jason Verrett but Ranthony (Texada) has had a good camp. On the defensive line obviously we would’ve liked to have Devonte Fields but we have the same guys coming back but we’re younger there. We’re a team in two-a-days that every week has got better. For us, that’s what we need to do in September; we’ve got to find a way to win ball games.

“We’ve got a lot of new people here with new coaches and young players; we’ve got some young players that are in this recruiting class that are going to help us that have actually beaten out guys that have been here.”

Did you guys expect that many young players to make an impact in beating out the veteran players?

“I just think depth always make competition a lot stiffer. We’ve still got five weeks to see where people are going to fit and what they’re going to be. Some of those guys that still need some work to be a starter and be a guy we’d play a lot of plays with.”

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