Patterson Big 12 Teleconference Transcript

TCU opened the season with a 48-14 win over Samford on Saturday. On Monday, Gary Patterson took questions on his team during the Big 12 Coaches Teleconference.

Can you describe Trevone (Boykin) resiliency and how he’s approached things the last several months?

“Number one, I think people need to understand; Trevone came here at 16 years old. He was a young player who is just a junior. Not a lot of people have success as freshman or sophomore quarterbacks and now he’s a junior and he’s matured. He knows you have to be a quarterback 365 days a year if you want to be good at it.

“One ball game isn’t going to be the telling answer. We’ve got to move forward and we’re going to play a lot better competition. Both he and Matt have got to improve and the offense has got to improve so we can do that against even better personnel and better people. Our Minnesota game will be the next big test because they’ll probably be 2-0 probably coming into our ball game and they’re very physical and won a lot of ball games a year ago.

“For us, we’ve tried to not make it about the quarterbacks; that’s one of the reasons why I didn’t name a starter. Both guys need to keep getting better. We decided on what we did because how they played in scrimmages. We are happy and I think you have to have two quarterbacks in this system if we want to have a chance to win a title. Right now we feel blessed that we have two.”

Do you consider that you don’t have a starter right now?

“No we do have a starter and that’s Trevone.”

Do you think Matt will play in your next game?

“Possibly, yes.”

What were your thoughts on the defense after you got to see the film?

“We’ve got to play a lot better. We’ve got to hunt together; there’s too many little things especially with our two’s that came in. For us, it has to be about depth and we have to be able our whole defense. We didn’t feel like we could do that the other night. We’ve got to have a lot of improvement the next two weeks.

“The hard part was we prepared for two game plans; all of two-a-days we prepared for Samford and Minnesota. I probably did a poor job of not singling it out and getting where we need to. It already seems a lot simpler now going into this week since we’ve been game planning already for Minnesota. They’re different in a lot of ways so I think it will improve since they’ve watched the game tape and understand what they need to get accomplished.”

How do you think Ranthony Texada did in his first start?

“I think he did alright; him and Nick Orr. To play the kind of receivers we have to play in this league and to play the defense we’re used to I don’t think anyone would be surprised to hear me say that when you replace a fifth year senior with two freshmen you’ve got to keep getting better. Right now that’s what we’re trying to get done this week; keep getting better with technique and understand the kind of players we’re going to play against.”

Cameron Echols-Luper was hurt on a punt return, is he okay?

“He’ll be fine. It wasn’t quite as bad as what he made it look like.”

Kolby Listenbee had a big game, what had he showed you in practice and how has it carried over in the game?

“He’s the guy I’ve been talking about the whole time; he’s really fast and he’s got to keep making catches. If you’re going to single cover him he’s one of those guys that can run away from you. There’s not many guys in college football that can run a 10.12. The thing I like is he’s trying to be a better blocker and he’s trying to be a more complete player. That’s what we’re asking all of our receivers to do. He’s going to keep improving and I think having some success if going to give him even more confidence.”

Do you like the timing of this break after the first week? Do you feel like you need it since you’re taking a big step up with your second opponent?

“If it turns out good then yes I’m glad we had a break. If it doesn’t turn out good I wish we wouldn’t have. It’s pretty much how coaches are.”

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