Practice Recap: 9/3

TCU offense still improving and defense needing to improve according to Patterson.

Expectations were high for TCU fans last Saturday as the Frogs were set to unveil their brand new up-tempo offense for the first time. After one game, the offense at least matched those expectations with 96 plays from scrimmage for 555 total yards that helped the Frogs run away with a 48-14 victory over Samford.

According to Patterson, he’s already seen improvement in practice from his offense the last two days. He went as far to say that they’ve got the better of the defense each day.

“Offense has gotten a lot better,” he said. “Everything we did live today they kicked our (expletive).”

Headlining the offensive production was junior quarterback Trevone Boykin. Boykin completed 29-of-41 passes for 321 yards and 2 touchdowns. His completion total was a career-high. For his efforts, Boykin was named the Big 12 Offensive Player of the Week.

Patterson was happy to see Boykin prove his doubters wrong, but quickly noted that it’s just one game and the opponent wasn’t a Big 12 caliber team.

“It’s one game and it was Samford,” he said. “We’re excited that we did it and now we need to move forward. We don’t need to make too much about it. Now if you can do it against Minnesota you can put a couple more cuts in your axe. If you do it against SMU you can put a couple more. If you do it for a full year then you’ll see Coach Patterson jump up and kick his heels. We need to do it for twelve ball games; that’s what we’re trying to get done.”

Following the game on Saturday, Patterson praised Boykin for his decision making and ability to make all the throws in leading the offense. On Wednesday, Patterson again said Boykin did everything asked of him which resulted in a win. And as the coach always says, he judges quarterbacks on Saturday’s.

“He didn’t throw any interceptions,” Patterson said of Boykin. “It comes down to how they do on Saturdays. He threw the football and managed the offense. He didn’t throw any interceptions, he threw touchdowns and scrambled when he needed to. Now he needs to do it better next week.”

Although the offense is headed in the right direction, the same can’t be said about the defense at the moment. Patterson reminded media in attendance on Wednesday that his defense has a standard to perform by and his current group isn’t meeting that goal; at least not in practices.

The Frogs surrendered only 143 yards to Samford last Saturday, but the Frogs had trouble in containing Bulldog quarterback Michael Eubank on scrambles. Patterson said on Saturday that his defense has got to do a better job at pursuing the quarterback. How do they do that? Patterson said they’ve got one of the best to go against in practice every day.

“Every day we’ve got Trevone Boykin,” he said. “Not many people scramble like he does.”

Patterson admitted that although they had a good game in the season opener, there is still plenty to work on if they are going to get more wins on the schedule.

“We’ve still got to be a lot better,” he said. “We did some good things but we have the potential to be a lot better football team than what we played last Saturday. If we don’t, then it will be hard to be some of the teams we play.”


Patterson said he had the chance to watch every team from the Big 12 play over the weekend. Although a couple of teams lost, he said overall the conference has some good teams to contend with.

“I tried to watch as many as I can; I watched every team in the league on tape,” he said. “They can all play. Everyone in the front can all play.”


With exception to Cameron Echols-Luper getting hurt on a punt return, the Frogs went unscathed in the game against Samford. Echols-Luper already returned to practice on Monday. Playing injury free is a big obstacle, especially when you consider the team’s bad luck in recent years.

“The biggest thing out of our game is nobody got hurt,” Patterson said. “We need to get through these five weeks with nobody getting hurt, stay fresh and keep growing up as a football team. That’s been our problem (injuries) the last couple of years so we’ve been tweaking some of the ways we practice. I think we’ve progressed.”

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