Patterson Big 12 Teleconference Transcript

TCU hosts 2-0 Minnesota this Saturday. TCU head coach Gary Patterson discussed the Gophers and coaching against his good friend Jerry Kill in this week's Big 12 Coaches Teleconference.

Minnesota is a team that likes the pound the ball on the ground a lot; is that a kind of offense you don’t deal with a lot anymore?

“We don’t deal with it as much as we used to deal with it. We’ve had to work a lot more on it during two-a-days. Luckily for us, Samford was a lot like what Minnesota is so it gave us an opportunity to actually get four weeks of work on some of the stuff they do. Obviously we’ll find out more Saturday after the game.”

What are the things that Minnesota does that concerns you?

“Number one, they’ve got a great tailback (David Cobb) and they’re big up front on offense. We’ve got to do a great job of tacking their tailback. They’ve got better at receiver and all of their offensive linemen came back. Defensively, they’ve played spectacular. They’re big and physical and they have a lot of guys back. Minnesota is going to be one of those teams that will be very tough and very physical; you’ve got to go take the ball game from them. They’re not going to give it to you. That tailback does not turn the ball over because he’s so hard to tackle.”

How difficult is it for you to play against Jerry Kill and his staff?

“Jerry and I have always talked about a lot of different things whether it’s football or outside of football. Both of us are highly competitive so this week is difficult. We had long conversations about whether to have this series. I don’t think friends like to play friends anytime. It’s always tough but both of us have jobs to do and mouths to feed but for one week you have to get after each other and get ready to play.”

Can you talk more about you and Jerry’s relationship?

“Jerry is a man’s man, he’s one of those guys that treats people right and does the right thing. He’s had some difficulties and he’s never blamed anyone else. He’s one of those kinds of guys I have the utmost respect for. He and I are friends and when we get done coaching he’ll be a guy along with his wife we’ll go on trips with and always stay in touch even if we weren’t head coaches.”

What are your thoughts on how the offensive line has progressed? Are they where you feel they should be after week two of the regular season?

“I think so; we’re going to find out. We ran 90-something plays the other night so you see them quite a bit. Obviously Minnesota is going to be a lot different team than what Samford is; they have a very good defensive team so it’s going to be a great test for us of how they can hold up and do things. That’s why you play these kind of games; they’re going to be physical and come at us and do it for four quarters. We’ve applied a lot of defensive pressure this fall as far as blitzing, runs and middle drills. We’ve kept progressing trying to get them to that situation where they can keep channeling everything somebody is going to give them. But obviously this is going to be a stiff test; it’s a very good front Minnesota has.”

Can you tell a big difference in the Minnesota quarterbacks (injured starter Mitch Leidner and backup Chris Streveler) just in case they have to use a backup?

“The other one runs awfully well. I think they’re both very equal. It sounds like both of them know the offense the same and one is just a little bit older. We’ll prepare for them the same; I think Minnesota actually ran more option stuff with the younger quarterback. But, you can’t put much stock in that for the simple reason that in both cases when he came in the game was already out of hand and Minnesota was already going to win.”

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